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Pinkiepierox Lock
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October 2013

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Posted about 3 years ago
If You have poems that YOU want to show the world, go on Kidzworld, and write one on written by you. It's awesome, TRY IT

Pinkie Pie Rocks

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July 2013

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Posted about 3 years ago


Do not shed a tear
When growing up is near
A new chapter will unfold
A new story to be told
New challenges will begin
Some you'll lose and some you'll win
Just continue to press on
All the way until you're gone


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Baby260_1746383 Lock
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April 2011

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Posted about 3 years ago
daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow
zoo tomorrow, zoo tomorrow
daddy's taking us to the zoo tomorrow
we can stay all day
we're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo
how about you, you, you?
you can come too, too, too
we're going to the zoo, zoo, zoo :3

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April 2014

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Posted over 2 years ago
The sun rises on a beautiful morning,Morning sighs and continuous yawning,
Out of bed and getting ready,
Suddenly everything is kind of heavy..
He stops thinking and he ties his laces,
Forgetting the nightmares and desperate faces,
The constant voices inside his head,
Surely he'd rather be dead.
He puts on a smile and walks out of his door,
Into the school and falls on the floor,
The other kids laugh, they point and stare,
This is just like his own unightmare.
He picks up his stuff and does his shy walk,
He doesn't look up and he doesn't talk,
He starts to walk down the hallway,
Ignoring the mean things that they say.
Class has started and and he's feeling kind of down,
He's feeling so lonely, he looks around,
nobody smiles, not even a hello,
class was going so so slow.
The next class has started and the taken,
He was away, they must be mistaken,
They looked around for the shy little boy,
Until a faint voice yells out "oi"
Someone sounds panicked and yells out again,
The students rush out to see a ghastly sight,
None of them would sleep that night.
He shot himself through the front of the head,
That quiet boy, is now completely dead.
The fact that he died isn't the saddest part,
The sad part is, no one cared from the start.    

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April 2014

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Posted over 2 years ago

Heading to the darkness
Side by side with the brightness
Feeling happy and sad
The power of the world
In the palm of your hand

Tell me now good person
Don't act erratic
Is that madness
Or is it magic?

Llamas are nature's greatest warriors.

And this is my reaction after reading too much creepypasta in one night:

Gravity Falls gif


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[:-Misha-:]_2408668 Lock
Member since:
March 2013

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Posted over 2 years ago
No! those days are gone away, 

And their hours are old and gray, 
And their minutes buried all 
Under the down-trodden pall 
Ofthe leaves of many years: 
Many times have winter’s shears, 
Frozen North, and chilling East, 
Sounded tempests to the feast 
Of the forest’s whispering fleeces, 
Since men knew nor rent nor leases. 
No, the bugle sounds no more, 
And the twanging bow no more; 
Silent is the ivory shrill 
Past the heath and up the hill; 
There is no mid-forest laugh, 
Where lone Echo gives the half 
To some wight, amaz’d to hear 
Jesting, deep in forest drear.

On the fairest time of June 
You may go, with sun or moon, 
Or the seven stars to light you, 
Or the polar ray to right you; 
But you never may behold 
Little John, or Robin bold; 
Never one, of all the clan, 
Thrumming on an empty can 
Some old hunting ditty, while 
He doth his green way beguile 
To fair hostess Merriment, 
Down beside the pasture Trent; 
For he left the merry tale, 
######### for spicy ale.

Gone, the merry morris din; 
Gone, the song of Gamelyn; 
Gone, the tough-belted outlaw 
Idling in the “grene shawe”; 
All are gone away and past! 
And if Robin should be cast 
Sudden from his turfed grave, 
And if Marian should have 
Once again her forest days, 
She would weep, and he would craze: 
He would swear, for all his oaks, 
Fall’n beneath the dockyard strokes, 
Have rotted on the briny seas; 
She would weep that her wild bees 
Sang not to her—strange! that honey 
Can’t be got without hard money!

So it is; yet let us sing 
Honour to the old bow-string! 
Honour to the bugle-horn! 
Honour to the woods unshorn! 
Honour to the Lincoln green! 
Honour to the archer keen! 
Honour to tight little John, 
And the horse he rode upon! 
Honour to bold Robin Hood, 
Sleeping in the underwood! 
Honour to maid Marian, 
And to all the Sherwood clan! 
Though their days have hurried by 
Let us two a burden try. 
- John Keats 

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