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Mean vs Nice The Diaries

Celebs cartoon
Posted about 4 years ago

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Mean Girl Diary                                   jan 24th
Hey, diary, I'm Brittany. Today I'm moving..... SO TOTALLY AWESOME!!!! Here I was teased. At my new school I could be the popular girl! Okay, time to make them worship me, and the haters are just dorks!       
Brittany: Hey, Jess!

Jessica: Gonna miss u, Brit!!
Brittany: I'll txt u every day!

Jessica: BFF <3 <3 <3
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Anyways, TherE are tons of LOVERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm officially popular. Now I just have to find ugly haters!
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Nice Girl Diary Jan 25th
Uh oh, the new girl is mean but totally popular. She's from LA! She's wearing a black leather jacket on top of this adorable pink dress, and black high,high,high,high,high,high,high heels!

to be continued 



OUT!!!! Wink Nose

Posted about 4 years ago

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Hehe. Awesome. Grin

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