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Armenian Poem translate to English

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Posted about 8 years ago

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THIRST. MY soul is listening to the death of the twilight. Kneeling on the far-away soil of suffering, my soul is drinking the wounds of twilight and of the ground; and within itself it feels the raining down of tears. And all the stars of slaughtered lives, so like to eyes grown dim, in the pools of my heart this evening are dying of despair and of waiting. And the ghosts of all the dead to-night will wait for the dawn with mine eyes and my soul. Perhaps, to satisfy their thirst for life, a drop of light will fall upon them from on high.

Posted about 5 years ago

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A woman enters stage left as the lights above gleam for her arrival.
She looks around at all the petrified and curious faces gazing up from the audience and takes a graceful bow. She then glances up, and smiles, eyes tainted a poisonous deep red.
 "Welcome to the show," she whispers.
 The lights dim in agreement.

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