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By breaking the law, what do we get? if we are caught,we only regret. The school says- dont drive fast, that urges the people to fly past. the hospital says- "silent zone" that is where, the horns are blown BEFORE the traffic lights go green, across the square,vehicles are seen Zebra lines are for pedestrians to cross, but they seem to think they are for zebra to pass ! Truks banned in the day in the city, seldom obey, its really a pity. motorcyclists dont stop at the lights that are red, and then find themselves in a hospitals bed. around the square,cyclists dont go they think they are safe only because they are slow. RULES say ' wear helmet for safety' not wereing them will prove to be costly. for these things i dont have a solution, BUT I CAN ALWAYS RAIS A QUESTION.

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i might not be perfect but i sure am awsome!!!!

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