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Ok, so I need help on this story. I'm hoping to make it into a book, but I can't think of anything. HELP! Here is how it goes: Prologue: As I walked into the Bull’s-Eye gas station, I caught a glance out of the corner of my eye of a rack of chips, with a few left. I grabbed all of them and stuffed them into my backpack. With my lone handgun and my girlfriend Jill with her compact hunting rifle, we dashed around the store and found energy drinks, soft drinks, some food and sweets, and, surprisingly, three bullets with the same size caliber as mine. They must have stumbled away from this area, because when we got back into the car, there was none around. There was about a gallon of gas leftover from the survivors who also scavenged this place, so we took advantage of the rarity. It looks like they didn’t see the other foods and beverages. But this wasn’t such a surprise. This entire town was an isolated place in Montana. It used to be busier than a bee with a few hundred people in it. Now it’s just a ghost town. Jill and I drove slowly to minimize the amount of those things chasing us as we drove away into the town of White Hill. We had heard that White Hill was actually gated by survivors there, but never thought much of it. It just seemed too much like a dream. Now I saw how very wrong I was, stopped at the metal gate made of scrap metal and wood two by fours. But let me go way back, as in yesterday, when they started appearing and sent me into survival mode.  Chapter 1: Day 1 When I woke up this morning, I expected my girlfriend Jill to be waking me up, calling me honey, doing my daily routine, and then heading off to work. Instead, I found her shoving a kitchen knife into what looked like a zombie’s head from those sci-fi movies, and the news blaring out “This is not a joke! Infected people are coming in from Canada with a disease unknown to us at this time. Stay tuned in to find out more.” As the newscaster went off air, they showed live videos of mass infected getting shot down by much of America’s law enforcement. Because the law enforcement of all kinds was being called to the borders, the inside was pandemonium. Everyone was on the streets breaking in building windows in search of goods to store. Videos of live buildings on fire, children and women crying, dead bodies everywhere on the streets. When it flipped to a commercial, I shut the TV off. I found Jill rocking back and forth, clutching pillow on the couch, sobbing out “I didn’t mean to! He said he was hurt and he had to come in! But when he turned,” she paused for a second, as if it hurt her to say what happened next, she wailed and screamed “I didn’t have a choice!”, I tried to comfort her by saying that it was alright, but she ran to our room, closed the door, and locked it, screaming “You have no idea how it is to kill somebody!”, not knowing that I did, that I so did. It was ice cold, and windy early in the day and I was hunting with my buddy Sam, and we decided that it would be best if we split up so we don’t scare away any game. I went west, and he went east. We agreed to come back at one o’clock P.M for lunch.  A few hours of hunting rabbits and squirrels, I decided to call it quits at twelve fifty-six o’clock and came back to the meeting place, when right in the middle of the area, in plain sight eating some shrubs, was the biggest deer I had ever seen in my entire life, even bigger than the ones in magazines.It was the chance of a lifetime, and it seemed too easy. I got down to a prone position silently and got into position, loading my rifle as quietly as possible. When I got a good look at its head, I took the shot. I killed it, but heard a scream that was human. When I ran over to him, he was writhing on the ground, bleeding as I accidentally shot him in the right shoulder. I picked him and the guns up, and carried him to the car. I called nine-one-one, but the way he was flipping out and bleeding, I knew there was no hope. When they announced it true, I cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. When they asked me how he got shot, I had no choice but to say his gun backfired. What was I supposed to say, I went for the biggest deer I’ve ever seen in my life and shot him, too? I would get locked up, or get treated as a murderer. I had to hide it, even from Jill, or else face criminal charges. So I went along with my life, but even though it was five years ago, I still have nightmares. The blood, the screaming, all the screaming. Every night since it was the same nightmares over and over, and it still gives me chills and makes me sweat at night. When I went and throw the body out, I found there were more out there, so I threw it out quick, shut the door, and locked the door. I dashed over to the door to my room and yelled, “Open up! I need stuff from there!” she opened the door, apologizing about her behavior. I grabbed our two rifles, and my handgun, saying its okay and we need to grab our stuff and leave. As we headed out the door, I grabbed the keys and my collector’s edition machete as I ran out the door. My father was an ex-military agent, so he gave me his prized silencer before he died. I attached it to my handgun with six clips left, and took out some infected as we dashed to the car. I jumped into the car as Jill got in, but when she got in, a hand grabbed on to her jacket, so I shot it off. It must have been human, because by the time I backed out; I saw a bunch of them gathered around a dead body, reaching in for each bite of the guy, each with flesh stuck between their teeth, with their blood covered hands. We headed for a safe place down in Nashville and instead found a bunch of them, overrunning the military and coming for us next, so we drove out of there and found that the best place to sleep was in the car, with the doors locked, sheets taped to the windshields, and the car off in the chilling cold. When we woke up on day two, we took down the curtains and started the car again; finding infected starting to claw at the car’s windows. I turned on the radio, as a caller said,” I heard they were holding down a fort down in White Hill, but-“ and that is all they heard, other than screams, the sound of blood splattering, and the call ending with a beep, beep, beep, beep. I turned it off as Jill said,” John, do you think things will ever be the same?”sounding like a curious and hopeful five-year-old. “I don’t know. I just don’t know.” I said, thinking of ways how to say no without hurting her. Chapter 2: Day 4 As we were checked for bites, scratches or signs of infection, we got in, clean as the leader’s sunglasses. The leader, who was introduced to us by the buff gate guard nicknamed Rock, was a guy named Leonardo, a former CIA agent who had gotten trapped here on a major drug bust mission. Leo welcomed us and made us hand over our guns, but they let me keep my handgun and the clips but took the rifles, to protect myself in case the infected get through. We thank them and go to Apartment B, where some others live. They told us the claimed area was eight blocks, four apartments with twenty rooms per building, two blocks for farming, with local farmers, and two blocks with graveyards and schools. There are twenty-six people in our little community, and now we make it twenty-eight people. They keep trying to build more barriers on the blocks surrounding us, but they don’t have enough soldiers to keep guard while they are building. They accept as many as they can, and then some. We came at the right time, too apparently, because there is a horde approaching at midnight and they need as much help as they can. There is abundant food, water, and guns but without the survivors to fill those spaces and take those things, it’s just a waste. We go to room forty-three, and lay out our stuff. We have two first-aid kits, the six clips, my handgun, the stuff from the gas station, some scrap metal from the junkyard to trade, and some deer meat from the deer I shot on the day before day one of the infection. We lay down on the bed at eight eighteen P.M for a quick nap before midnight’s battle. This will be rough, I thought as we went to bed. When we woke up, it was eleven forty P.M and we got a move on over to the gates, where they were preparing for the attack. I grabbed my rifle and Jill grabbed hers, we grabbed ammunition, and headed out to guard. We were informed that they were coming in from the north, so we headed to the gates in which we came in through. I had a revolver in my pocket in case of close quarters combat and Jill had a Smith and Wesson Victory 38. Caliber revolver. As midnight struck, we heard faint groaning sounds, down the field. We shone our flashlights down the dirt road, and saw a few infected, but not a horde. I was starting to think this was a prank on the new kids when they seemed to materialize out of the darkness. About a hundred of them, maybe even two hundred, stalked their way towards us. I grabbed on to the mounted machine gun and opened fire, taking down maybe fifty, but it seemed to be making them mad more than anything. They sort of jogged now, and now the machine gun cooled off, so I opened fire on more. This time, I shot down about one hundred, but now the remaining fifty were running, full speed, straight at my area, so I called for help, but only a few came, explaining that the others couldn’t help because they have bigger worries than fifty runners. I shot him a dirty look, and he helped me take down the rest. When we all called clear, Jill dashed back home as I stood on the gate, wondering if we can get our own guns back, because they were the only guns that I really knew, and was backing up to go home, when I heard Clang! Pssh! Pssh! Pssh! Boom! So I turned and saw one single, bloody, one-armed infected getting through the gate so I shot it in its head and sighed, as it fell to the ground with a large, round, blood filled hole in its head. I imagined thousands of zombies getting through the hole in the gate, but then called, “Help!” when I saw that hundreds started pouring into that now gigantic hole. Chapter 3: Day 5 All the guards came back, shooting and shooting at the undead infected, and it was really just hopeless. They kept coming until we retreated, and then we had the whole community coming at them with machine guns stored in the armory (a guarded room in Apartment B, room forty-nine). Jill came, rushing in with two machine guns at bay, spraying and dropping hundreds before her clip ran out and she threw grenades, blowing them to tiny bloody bits and pieces. She tossed me two grenades, and I pulled the pin, tossing one in the crowd like in the movies, and took out thirty. I threw the other one, and took out about another thirty. There was about twenty left when some man, in his late forties, with short, gray hair, got bitten. I learned his name to be Tom when his wife Matilda ran over to comfort him before anyone got the chance to stop her, and got bitten, too. As blood sprayed everywhere, we shot the remaining infected, and tended to the couple. There was nothing to do, they were goners. Matilda got bitten on a major artery in her arm so, unfortunately, I got the honor of putting them out of their misery. There was one bullet to the head for each, heads bursting and drenching everyone in blood. As the builders went to work on the hole, I comforted Jill as she cried on my shoulder. “When will this ever end?!” she sobbed as we got into the apartment and we lay down, exhausted. I didn’t respond because I knew the answer. This will not end until everyone is infected. This will not end with this community still alive and running. This won’t end until world is dead. And, more than anything, it won’t end until I am dead. When I woke up this morning, I immediately got up and grabbed my handgun. As I walked out of my apartment, I found a note on room forty’s handle that read “To Mack. I went hunting in East Outer Rim. Be back soon. – Sarah”, so I knocked on the door and found a wild-eyed kid who couldn’t be over 15, who raised a gun to my face and asked angrily, “Where’s Sarah?” so I responded with twisting the hand that held the gun, taking the gun, and punching him in the face. As he fell back to the ground, I growled,” She’s in the East Outer Rim, but if you ever point a gun in my face again, I’ll rip your throat out and you’ll never see her again. Understand?” he said shakily,” Y-yes s-sir.”. “Good. Now are you going to stand there like an idiot or are you going to help me find her?” I added, scaring him more but not purposely. “I will help you find her, sir!” He said, like an army soldier. “Let’s go, then.” I said, handing him his gun back. We headed down to what was called the East Outer Rim, an area full of animals. We found Sarah Tickwood shooting deer and getting some food for them. “Well, who do we have here? I’m guessing your name is Sarah, right?” I said as she slit open its thigh. ” I’m guessing my son made you mad in some way. Mack, say you’re sorry for whatever you did.” She replied.” I’m so-“He said, as I cut him off. “He held me at gunpoint, but that isn’t why I’m here. I was just making sure everyone is safe and okay.” I said, waiting in silence.” Well, I’m fine, so you don’t have to worry.” She finally said carelessly. I angrily stalked off, not getting the thanks I deserved for worrying, and was heading back to my apartment when I heard, “ Ahhhhh!” from the woods. I dashed back to the woods when I saw five infected coming at Sarah and Mack, so I took out, reloaded, and fired my ammo at the zombies. I killed four of them, but one got off easy, stumbling away faster than I could blink. Sarah and Mack ran back to the apartment, and I followed. What seemed like miles of a run took about five minutes and so I ran to the Apartment A where Leo was staying in Room One. When I knocked on the door, there was no answer, but inside I heard groans, so I kicked down the door and found him on the ground, getting eaten by a zombie, so I put one bullet in the zombie’s head, and one in the now zombified Leo’s head. Rock came over and asked why he heard gunshots, so I showed him. “I had known him my whole life. He was my best friend” Rock mumbled, the fight in him lost. I asked who would be next in line for leader, and this was his answer. “I’m not leader material. But last night, he told me he saw leader potential in you, John. He said you were brave, taking your wife and risking your life to save her. The person he would’ve wanted to be leader would be you.” He looked up at me from his crouched position and said,” You’re our new leader”. I told him he was nuts, but he insisted, so I took the job of leader. But when I went back to my room to tell Jill, I found three zombies at my door. I killed them all, and then found about ten in my room, and heard screams coming from down the hall in the bathroom, so I called, “I’m coming Jill!” but I could tell it was too late. I used up a clip; taking six down, reloaded, and took the rest out. I ran to the bathroom door and shot the zombie attempting to get in, knocked on the door, and said, “Jill, let me in!”, and so she did. I asked what had happened, and she said, “I was sleeping and someone knock on the door so I opened it, feeling safe, and got......” I asked, “You got what? Jill? You got what?!” until she showed me a bloody bite mark on her arm, oozing out maroon blood, and screamed,” I GOT BITTEN!!” Chapter 4: Day 7 Day 7, 16:00 P.M John’s Log Last Night, I decided to put a log together in Jill’s tribute, as she was bitten last night, so I had to kill her put her out of her misery as a human. I’ve decided, along with the group, that we are going to use the fuel in all of our cars to power a yacht and drive to Africa, where we heard on the radio there was some refugees with many soldiers, farms, and most importantly, no infected. End of log 1. I sighed as I closed the composition notebook. They already took the fuel out, and filled it in the yacht on the beach a mile from here. It would take about thirty minutes on foot, so I grabbed a backpack, filled my belongings, including a picture of Jill and me, at our old favorite amusement park, which made me sit down and silently cry, and walked out, now finding the strength to go on. I put the backpack on, took out my rifle, which Rock handed back, and started my walk to the beach. I started running, and by four forty-five o’clock P.M, I was at the dock, saying my final goodbyes to Jill, which we buried at the beach, her favorite type of place. We started the boat, and at the right time, too. Zombies, hundreds, thousands even, appeared out of the forest a few hundred yards back as we sped away. In the mess, I saw Zombie Jill, covered in sand from the grave. I stood up, as fresh tears filled my eyes, took out my rifle, aimed and fired. It was a direct hit that put her down, her head caving in and exploding, leaving only a body and pieces of skull left behind. I sat back down, using my dirt encrusted hands to wipe my tears. I gripped my pack tightly, thinking about Jill. But then, I remembered when she asked if anything would change. I thought, maybe this time, things will change to be good. And that's it so far. Leave your advice below, please!

Cool Story Bro! Tongue Out

But in all seriousness.....
But I still wake up, I still see your ghost
Oh Lord, I'm still not sure what I stand for oh
What do I stand for? What do I stand for?
Most nights, I don't know anymore...


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