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Posted about 5 years ago

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"Vertigo" wrote:

This is why I spend paper money and not coins.

The metals that make all coins are worth more than their face value.

If you melted down all of your coins and separated the metals, you'd have more money in metals than you started off with in coins.

Spend your paper money before everyone realizes it's worthless or trade it in for coins.

Or be like me and have no worries.
Once you paid for something that could melt copper, dime, nickel, and depending on the age of the coin, silver....then you'd tank all the profit that you would get from melting them all down. Short term, at least.

Posted about 5 years ago

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"kobrains478" wrote:

Recently I have watched a video that say that since the government is spending so much money our country will fall apart and with it our country will follow.I personally think that this is wrong and that this guy is just trying to make a quick buck.Well start writing letters to the president and ask him.Don't forget to ADD ME!
yeah I saw this video its an ad on kidzworld I think its stupid

made by nimsajeay!!

Hi Im Kelsey!!

keep calm and post on kidzworld

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