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Impression of Hong Kong

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May, 2013
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Hello! I lived in Hong Kong, born in HK. Hk is my home smile

tell me about how u think of HK?

u can write anythings u like.

such as: people, foods, hotels, buildings, theme park....

You are welcome to ask any questions u like, I will answer all smile

This is HK, my home ;)

Hi~I'm Nicholas. I'm 10. Live in Hong Kong, I'd like to meet some new friends here. No matter what race u r, how old u r and what gender u r. Add me as fd, if u like Wink Then we will be fd and talk.
I love woody Love

I miss u. Love

Impression of Hong Kong

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April, 2011
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Disney world in Hong Kong or i don't the foods, people are good (':

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