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"Miss_MM" wrote:

Moustache wax.

When is the zombie apocalypse?



Why do you ask questions?

I'm not dead yet...

The further you are sunk a lie, the more hurt you will be later when you hear the truth. It's harsh, but its reality. Someone has got to break it to you eventually, I choose to tell you early. Why? Because I care, Because I don't want you to suffer like others I have watched give up on everything

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"Balinese_Legend" wrote:

"iMuffin" wrote:

A box of chocolate a day keeps the doctor away! Remember that one too. What's your favorite saying?
let's do #####! what kind of creature are you?


What's your fave candy?

My fave movies are twilight (duh), hunger games/catching fire, and pitch perfect

I Love my Friends

Girly girl

I love to post in forum games, msg me if you have a good one.

Jacob, Edward, and Bella

I love Dance Moms! Tongue Out Chole is my favorite, but Maddy is 2nd.

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Eclairs Brownie! 
Who is your fav movie star?

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