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Help me out please... I'm afraid-moved

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Posted almost 6 years ago

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Yesterday was my open house at school. I didn't saw my history paper as i was absent on the day it was shown to us b4 it was showed on open day.... I was havin a confusion wen i saw it. My history miss gave me 1 and a half mark for an 2 marks question... I wanted to know y because accordin to me i wrote the whole ans... I took the class teacher's permission and went to ask her... She started scoldin (Very badly, she was hypered)... She said some points are missin... But in my txt bk I marked that mch only so i wrote in the paper that only... I said sorry and too leave from there... But on the way our school head girl (Was present in that history miss class) came behind me and stopped n said "Wat's ur roll no, miss want's to know?" I told her my roll no bt I'm scared... Y that miss wanted to know my roll no.... I discussed it with my classmate's n friends they told me that she would either cut my marks for askin or she will insult me in front of the whole class.... I'm afraid, wat should i do if that happens...? Please help me out guys... I really need ur help...

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Posted almost 6 years ago

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Wouldn't this be in the 'General' section or the 'Say Anything' section?  Not the 'School' section.  It's a school section for role-players.  Thanks!

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Posted almost 6 years ago

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Duplicate forum. Please only make one.

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