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Mean Girlz ||Advanced RP :3|| (Boys accepted too!)

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Posted about 5 years ago

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May I join?


Name:  Alexander "Alex" Andrews.
Age:  15.
Gender:  Boy.
Bio:  Alex has always been rich.  But being rich has sacrifices.  For one, it has made him spoiled.  And for two, his parents are always away on business trips, to expand their business empire. 
Imperfections:  He is spoiled, and tends to make short-term decisions that lead both him and his friends into trouble.
Other:  None.
Talent:  Mathematics.


Name:  Adrianna Blackburn.
Age:  16.
Gender:  Girl.
Bio:  I'm gonna pass.
Imperfections:  Emotional, and rebellious.
Other:  None.
Talent:  Painting.

My whole goal in life is to get AlphaT to debate Teh_Skittlez as an Atheist and for Teh_Skittlez to debate AlphaT as a Christian.


That awkward moment when you realize that you couldn't see that amazing debate because you're not old enough to see the P&R section... -.-

Posted about 5 years ago

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( Acceptted, anyone like to start?)

"I'm not crying over what you said; it's what you didn't say that hurts the most"

Look at that ugly person up there ^ Omahgosh itz Maxie O.O

Oh no itz the monster again !

"It's not what you said that hurt, it's what you didn't say that hurt the most."

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Name: Arley (Are-dely) Groves
Age: 17
Gender: F
Looks: (picture!)  Naya
Bio: (optional) Arley's never gone through all the sweet stuff. More like a sour life. She's worked from the unpopular to popular. Her father died when she was 6 and she's learned to love after her first breakup. She then started becoming popular and was voted prom princess in 6TH   grade!! Arley is bulimic
Imperfections: Weight issues.
Artistic and Musical 


Name: Carter Anderson
Age: 18
Gender: F
Looks: (picture!) Anna
Bio: (optional) Carter is a unpopular girl and is more of a rebel than anything else.
Imperfections:  self esteem issues
Other: Hates Arley and the popular girls
Talent: Music and Art

I know about popular!
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Names Catilena but please call me KITTY! I'm 12 and you need to add me!


My Idol and Role Model, Ariana Grande ♥
My Idol and Role Model, ♥♥♫ Ariana Grande ♫♥♥

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(When can we start?)



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