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A girl in high school (name and age of your choice) is totally weird. She's friends with people from all of the cliques but her and her best friend (me) and another friend, have their own 3-person clique.She acts weird because she wants to hide who she really is. She, for some reason, finds it embarrassing. Over her spring break she realizes she wants to show who she is...but she doesnt even know who she is yet. Will she ever figure it out? Example Gender: Female Role: Best Friend of main character Age: 15 Name: Alyssa Mayler About her: She loves soccer and hanging out with her best friend.

I loved that song until the radio overplayed it and KidzBop decided to sing it.

I can't believe they put "Naturally-by Selena Gomez" on the radio. That song sucks!

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Gender: Female Role: main character Age: 14 Name: Ivy Vega About her: she is sort of emo, and she likes poetry and photography. somewhere deep down she smiles.

Yeah the party dont stop til Mark walks out...

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