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College Life (RP - Open)

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Posted over 5 years ago
Name: Dylan Bridgit O'Ryan Age: 19 Looks:  Love Interest: None yet Job: Free-lance musician/Major in Theater Other: Dylan is a music obsessed troublemaker that is paired with a sarcastic attitude. Her surreptitious ways and astute mind make it easy for her to pull her usual pranks around town. She has also built up this tough exterior around her in order to not be stepped on, but on the inside is a very vulnerable girl. She is also is very adventurous, and isn't afraid to do anything. Her adventurous ways causes her to have many misjudgments, thus getting her into some big problems. Although she seems as though she isn't compassionate enough to help others, she is able to give advice while showing some compassion.  Name: Marcus Robert Willhout Age: 22 Looks:  Love Interest: None Yet Job: Major in Journalism Other: Marcus is your all-around normal jock. He lives and breathes the word "Sports", participating in many of his school's sports. Football is his favorite sport though. Don't mistake him for one of those block-head jocks though. Underneath his tough jock guy act, he is actual rather intellectual and sensitive. This side is only shown around his friends though. Along with his love of sports, he enjoys writing. Any kind of writing: poetry, horror, comical, etc. He is also rather comical, always cracking a joke or two each day. He is very protective of his friends, and will do anything to help them out.

The girl in the dress wrote you a song.
Be Yourself! There's NO ONE better!
Warning: Objects in a mirror maybe distorted due society's unrealistic views of beauty.
If you're feeling lost, alone, suicidal, or have tendencies to self-harm, come talk to me. I might not always know what to say, but I'll be there.

Posted over 5 years ago

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