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Fashion designing advice

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March, 2013
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hi! Im thinking about being a clothes designer! I need advice for my clothes! I'll show pics of my fashion illustrations! If you think it needs more shine into it please post or give me some advice how to make more awesome clothes! Thanks for all your help! 

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Fashion designing advice

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April, 2013
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I reccomend starting small. Im thinking about designing clothes too, and for now im sticking to entering fashion designing contests on Pixie Hollow and making clothes for dolls.

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Fashion designing advice

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May, 2013
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Okay maybe this might help  designing is something that inspires you like me what would inspire me would be music so all you need is an inspiration and do your thing  don't be afraid to pull up some amazing designs but first I. Would start designing clothes for friends and family then I would rent an  empty room then I would start establishing it hoped it worked and Goodluck 

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