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Have you seen digimon tamers? it is the best from digimon.Here is the story.
There are 2 games a card game and a video game in both, there are a kind of strange animals, they are a kind of pets, but they go into battles. Takato is a boy with a big imagination, and he draws good, his father buys he a kind of digimon tamaguchi, after Takato draws his own digimon, a few days later, his digimon, guilmon, appear, Takato try to hide him, and in his way to hide him, he know Henry, a cool asian boy who is in his school, he discover Henry is also a digimon tamer, Henry's digimon is terriermon, Rika, a girl in his school, is also a digimon tamer, Rika's digimon is renamon, they have some adventures, and after they discover a portal to the digiworld, after they go into digiworld, they cant find the way out, so they have some adventures, and they discover their digimon can evolutionate and increase their powers, when they find the way out, they discover something, the bad digimons are destroying the real world, they discover the matrix digievolution, that, make digimons and humans can evolutionate together, and that make them very strong, when they destroy all bad digimons, they discover another thing, the most evil digimon is destroying the digiworld, But Takato, Henry and Rika win, when they go back to the real world their digimons cannot stay with them cause there is a data problem in their worldx digiworld is a virtual world) so they go, but it isn't the last time together for they.
Takato + Henry= best friends 4ever.
You can find digimon tamers videos in youtube putting there digimon 3, digimon tamers, digimon movie 5 and digimon movie 6.
Maybe I make some mistakes or maybe I missed some details cause the show isn't on air any more...

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I have.  It's with calumon and this kid that collects digimon crds.I watch it with fang - my Gomamon plushie which I lost in the park but then a year later bought an exact copy off ebay 

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