Zoo Tycoon: Dinosaur Digs: Free PC Game Demo

Jun 16, 2004

Do you dig dinos? Check out a free game demo of Microsoft's Zoo Tycoon: Dino Digs and play with the big critters!

FIFA Soccer 2004: Free PC Game Demo

Jun 10, 2004

Kick it, Beckham-style, with EA's FIFA Soccer 2004 for your PC. We have the 411 on snagging the free game demo here!

Star Wars Jedi Knight II :: Free PC Game Demo

May 31, 2004

Feel the Force for free! Check this out for the 411 on how to get a download of Star Wars Jedi Knight II action game for free!

MVP Baseball 2004: Free PC Game Demo

Apr 27, 2004

The season is starting so grab a free game demo of EA's MVP Baseball 2004 for your PC and get into the game!

Worms 3D: Free PC Game Demo

Apr 01, 2004

Wacky worm warriors are armed with banana bombs, super sheep and more crazy weapons. Get the 411 on the free demo!

Dungeon Siege :: Free PC Game Demo

Feb 10, 2004

The Lord of the Rings ruled and The Rock got medieval in The Scorpion King. Now download a free Dungeon Siege demo!

Impossible Creatures: Free PC Game Demo

Feb 10, 2004

Download the free PC video game demo of Microsoft's Impossible Creatures and play this fun game. Gary's got the 411 on how to do it!

Warcraft III :: Free PC Game Demo

Feb 10, 2004

Want to download a free demo of Warcraft III Reign of Chaos and crush your opponents, with fantasy warriors? Get it here!

James Bond 007: Nightfire :: Free PC Game Demo

Feb 10, 2004

Want some free 007 spy video game action? Here�s how to download the James Bond 007: Nightfire PC game demo!

Best Video Game Downloads of 2003

Feb 10, 2004

Want fun, free video games without any stinkers? Check out Kidzworld's list of the best video game downloads of 2003!

The Hobbit Free: PC Game Demo

Nov 27, 2003

Play the free video game demo of The Hobbit for adventure in the magical world of The Lord of The Rings. Get it here!

The Incredible Hulk: Free PC Game Demo

May 22, 2003

The Incredible Hulk is smashing his way to a PC with his new video game! You can try out the free Hulk game demo, here's how.

NBA Live 2003: Free PC Game Demo

May 09, 2003

Have you got game, but no cash? Check out how to score a free PC game demo of EA's NBA Live 2003 and play some sweet basketball!

NHL 2003: Free PC Game Demo

May 01, 2003

Can't get enough hockey? Here's how to download the free computer game demo of EA's NHL 2003 and hit the ice on your home PC!

The Lost Vikings :: Free PC Game Demo

Apr 22, 2003

The Lost Vikings are invading the Nintendo Gameboy Advance and SP now! Check out this free game demo for some Viking fun!

Tropico 2: Pirate Cove :: Free PC Game Demo

Apr 07, 2003

Has Pirates of the Caribbean put you in the mood for pirate action? A free demo of Tropico 2: Pirate Cove is the game for you!

Moonbase Commander :: Free PC Game Demo

Feb 27, 2003

Want to conquer the Moon? The free Moonbase Commander PC game demo is all about conquering planets with strategies and robots.

Age of Mythology :: Free PC Game Demo

Jan 23, 2003

Are you ready to command ancient gods, entire civilizations and magical creatures? Find out with this free game demo download of Microsoft's Age of Mythology for your PC! Click here for more.

SpongeBob SquarePants :: Free PC Game Demo

Jan 15, 2003

SpongeBob SquarePants, has free tickets to Neptune's Paradise. If he can find it. Download a free PC game demo and help him out!

Kao the Kangaroo :: Free PC Game Demo

Jan 01, 2003

What's up with Kao? The poor dude has been snatched from the wilds of Australia and he's in deep trouble. Can you help him get home? Download Kao the Kangaroo for free and bust him out!

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Codey the troll is lost! Help him avoid obstacles and get back into the computer...


Your troll is lost! Help it avoid obstacles and get back into the computer.



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