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Video Game News for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U, and Online Games

The E3 Game Show

It's time for the biggest game show in the world. The E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) is coming to the LA Convention Center to show off the biggest... read more

Late Games

You've marked the calendar. You've pre-ordered and pre-paid. You've camped out at the store. The doors open and the first words you hear are 'Sorry du... read more

Multiplayer Cheating

Cheating can be really cool... against the computer. Cheating against real people sucks sour eggs. It ruins the game for the other players and you'll ... read more

Final Fantasy News

The Final Fantasy series has been around since dinosaurs ruled the earth. It's one of the top games on any console and it's coming to theatres soon. C... read more

Pokemon Banned

Pikachu I ban you! Uh, oh. Saudi Arabia has just banned all Pokemon cards, games and even toys. They've decided that the game encourages gambling and ... read more
Dec 27, 2006 | 81 comments

Blockbuster Entertainment Awards

Frankie Muniz from Malcolm in the Middle had a few words to share and some awards to hand out at the 2001 Blockbuster Entertainment Awardsread more

Boring Games

Do your games put you to sleep? Get a feeling of D�j� vu when you're playing your Playstation? Are your games mindless clones of other, better, games?... read more

Game Boy Advance Update

The Tokyo Game Show had a whole bunch of Game Boy Advance action going on. There were demos of games and a chance to try out the system and see... read more

Games vs. the Law

Game companies have been making mindlessly violent video games for a long time. They're finally cleaning up their act thanks to the ESRB and th... read more

Big Name Games

Good games based on movies are harder to find than pickle flavored ice cream. Bad games are a dime a dozen. Why do games based on movies blow? And wha... read more

Xbox Gamestock Games

The Xbox has the hardware but do they have the games? At the March Gamestock the Xbox hit the floor with the best and the brightest. Check out which g... read more

Suspended From Everquest

Me and Tarx were playing Everquest when suddenly we received a message saying "You are being summoned by the Gods." Next thing I know we're both stuck... read more

Black & White Preview

What's Lionhead Studios up to and why do they need satellite weather tracking? How does a monkey run a website and why is your family stuck on a tropi... read more

The Nintendo Gamecube

Nintendo's not gonna be left out of the new console race. They've got their best and brightest brainiacs working away to come up with something to daz... read more

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