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video game news for ps3, xbox 360, nintendo wii, and online games

Spidey, Sonic, Samba, WWE, Ultimate Band, Freaky Creatures and More!

Grab a pile of videos for the Spider-Man, Sonic, Samba de Amigo and Freaky Creatures games! Plus, we have online gameread more

LEGO Universe Game Preview

Welcome to LEGO Universe! The new video game that allows fans to play, build and socialize in a virtual LEGO world! Check out the game p... read more

Guitar Hero, Star Wars, Sonic, Ben 10, Spidey, Monsterpocalypse and Racing Videos!

Load up on game videos, news and free games. From Ben 10 to Star Wars, Guitar Hero, Sonic and Need for Speed... read more

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Developer Q&A

Gary chatted with the Canadians behind the next big Sonic the Hedgehog game – Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood! Here’s what they h... read more

Blue Dragon Role Playing Card Game :: Game Preview

Command magic shadow powers in battle with Shu and his friends in the new Blue Dragon card game based on the video game and anime!... read more

Guitar Hero World Tour Preview

Guitar Heroes Unite! Fans of this series are going to be blown clear off the stage when Guitar Hero World Tour releases soon. We have th... read more

Kung Fu Panda: Legendary Warriors :: Wii Game Preview

Po returns with Tigress, Monkey and Shifu to battle Tai Lung in the new multiplayer kung fu-fest for Wii! ... read more

Monsterpocalypse :: Game Preview

Unleash massive destruction with giant monsters in the new Monsterpocalypse game. Here’s a sneak peek at the fun.... read more

Xbox Price Drop, Cheetah Girls, Sonic, NBA, NHL, Pokemon, Harry Potter, Skate It, Dinosaur King and Guitar Hero!

Get news on the Xbox price drop plus videos for Cheetah Girls, Sonic, NBA 2K9, Skate It, Dinosaur King and <... read more

Hello Kitty Daily Preview

Hello Kitty comes to the Nintendo DS with this new personal assistant software. This girl-oriented application turns the DS into an alar... read more

Sonic, Zubo, Hello Kitty, Tomb Raider, EA and Spider-Man!

Get the latest videos for Zubo, Sonic, Tomb Raider and Spider-Man, plus more news right here!... read more

Monster Lab Exclusive Character Profile

Nowhere else on the net will you see this Kidzworld exclusive character profile for the new Monster Lab game from Eidos. Check out the d... read more

Six Flags Fun Park :: Wii Game Preview

Hit the Six Flags Fun Park video games for a dose of multiplayer minigames! Here’s the video trailer and more with our game preview.... read more

LEGO, Tennis, Harry Potter, Pokemon, Tomb Raider, Videos and More!

We have videos for LEGO, Harry Potter, Tomb Raider and Skate It, plus preview pics for LEGO Batman, the P... read more

Spore :: PC Game Preview

CREATE your universe from microscopic to macrocosmic - From tide pool amoebas to thriving civilizations to intergalactic starships, ever... read more

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