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Video Game Reviews for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U and Online Games

Spore :: PC Game Review

EA's Spore game arrives with a universe full of life for you to design and customize! Here's the 411 with Gary's Spore game review.... read more

Defend Your Castle :: WiiWare Game Review

Defend your castle from an army of angry stick figures by flinging ‘em around in this wicked WiiWare game. Here’s Gary’s game review.... read more

My Pokemon Ranch :: WiiWare Game Review

Start your own Pokemon ranch with this new downloadable game from the Nintendo Wii Wii Shop channel! Here’s the scoop.... read more

Digimon World Championship :: DS Game Review

Become a tamer and raise your Digimon to battle in the Digimon World Championships with this new DS game. Here’s our review.read more

Beijing 2008 :: Official Olympics Game Review

Bring the 2008 Olympics home with Beijing 2008 – the official game of the Olympics! Here’s our game review.... read more

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor :: Game Review

Jump into the movie action with The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor video game! Here’s our review.... read more

Space Chimps :: PC, PS2, Xbox 360 and Wii Game Review

Ham, Luna and Titan crash into adventure. Is Space Chimps a trip worth taking? Find out with our game review!... read more

BOOM BLOX :: Wii Game Review

Grab, throw and destroy in this explosive puzzle game from EA and Steven Spielberg! Wii review it here.... read more

Pony Luv :: DS Game Review

Dress up, race and care for your own virtual pet pony in Pony Luv for the Nintendo DS. Gary reviews it here.... read more

Final Fantasy Tactics A2 :: DS Game Review

Lead a team of fantasy heroes in the magic world of Ivalice with this Nintendo DS RPG. Here’s Gary’s review!... read more

Guitar Hero: On Tour :: DS Game Review

Does Guitar Hero: On Tour rock the Nintendo DS? Find out with our game review.... read more

Dragonball Z Burst Limit :: Xbox 360 Game Review

Dragonball Z Burst Limit Kamehameha’s onto next-gen consoles with Goku and the crew. Check out the deets in our review.... read more

The Incredible Hulk :: Wii Game Review

Unleash your rage and smash everything with the Incredible Hulk game for Nintendo Wii! Here’s our review.... read more

Kung Fu Panda :: Xbox 360 Game Review

Even the Furious Five would eventually bow to the might of the Dragon Warrior. Check out the adventures of Po the Panda in our game review.... read more

LEGO Indiana Jones :: Wii Game Review

Join Indiana Jones in three movies worth of LEGO-ized action, adventure and fun! We review this new game for Wii.... read more

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drowning posted in Forum Games:
You failed to mention that the reason you're angry is someone stole your spot in line at Burger King. :^) It's really, really late and I should be asleep.
reply 20 minutes
drowning posted in Forum Games:
(( I'm literally so proud of us, you'll love it!! )) Also, you're off by a few years. :^) >> TPBM lives in Transylvania. :^)
reply 25 minutes
morrigann posted in Forum Games:
I've been awake all night so yep dat me  :punk  (I'm reading that other book I got because I finished The 5th Wave winkwonk) TPBM is younger than 14
reply 32 minutes
drowning posted in Forum Games:
I could practically live in the water. :^) >> TPBM should be in bed, tsk tsk.
reply 40 minutes

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