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Name:make your very own songs
Description:this group was made by two very kool kids super and butieqeen if u did't know we are cuzs you make you song in a book at home then sing your songs on the frount pag of kidz wrold by makeing it a vidoeos join and we will rock your scok off so make sure u are wearing some
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cyoteysrock111 wrote:
2012-03-07 13:33:05 -0800

I got another song I wrote 2!
If i could stop the pain i would
But i''m no magic girl
I'm just the 1 that u luv
So why don't i luv u any more
Why can't i trust u anymore
Please give me an answer
Cuz' i feel so confused
So help me
& tell me
Why don't i luv u anymore
Yeah why
Oh why
Please tell me
Yeah oh yeah
Why don't I luv u anymore

super ashley
super ashley wrote:
2008-10-16 19:05:06 -0700

that right got scoks on


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