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The Virtual World of Warrior Cats


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Name:The Virtual World of Warrior Cats
Description:Do you love Warrior Cat Books? If you do join this group! You can be a cat from the series! Firestar Mate-Sandstorm About him- Has two daughters and is the leader of his clan one of the only cats at Tallstar's death. No one is Firestar yet Sandstorm Mate-Firestar About her-one of the best hunters in clan had 2 daughters no one is her yet Cloudtail Mate-Brightheart About him-born a kittypet but his mother when he was old enough gave him to firestar to become a warrior. his kit is whitestorm. no one is him yet Graystripe Mate- Silverstream and then Millie About him- his mate sliverstream died but his kits lived. on of his kits died on a journey and the other joined the tribe of rushing water. No one is him yet All post more cats later! you can be a cat and then we will pretend to be warriors!
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lillyXXxxomega wrote:
2014-06-25 19:07:25 -0700

I'm Gloss pool, a silver cat with gray stripes and a white face. I am a queen, and I have two kits. Silver kit and Swift kit. Silver kit is silver with red dapples, and Swift kit is plain red. My mate is Red claw, a red cat with an orange tail, legs, paws, ears, and face. I come from Thunder Clan. (Made up characters)

Princess-Starlight wrote:
2014-06-25 12:04:17 -0700

Hello, i am Moonclaw from Thunderclan and my mate is Thundertail and i have four kits. The oldest is a tom and his name is Firekit. Th second oldest is a she-cat and her name is Sandkit. The third oldest is a she-cat and her name is Winterkit and the youngest is a tom and his name is Sharpkit.

lillipup47 wrote:
2014-06-15 10:03:23 -0700

The name's Duskheart- a ShadowClan warrior.

ebg123 wrote:
2014-05-14 13:20:03 -0700

im crystaletail and i have 6 kits (jasmine kit , nettle kit ,ice kit,poppy kit,rye kit,and rabbit kit . 2 are girls jasmine and ice kit , the rest are boys we live in thunderclan who gladly accepted us we me and my mate where looking for a home when ours was destroyed by to legs my mate is hawk flight

PurplePawCat wrote:
2014-03-26 18:01:50 -0700

Hello im PurplePaw a RiverClan apprentice

shadowclan101 wrote:
2013-12-19 10:38:04 -0800

hello warrior cat fans

Jasmine345 wrote:
2013-08-13 23:38:41 -0700

Can I be Jayfeather?

Poolshade wrote:
2013-08-10 08:48:09 -0700

Cloudtail has three more kits in the Last Hope. They are Amberkit, Dewkit, and Snowkit.

Poolshade wrote:
2013-08-10 08:48:08 -0700

Cloudtail has three more kits in the Last Hope. They are Amberkit, Dewkit, and Snowkit.

Poolshade wrote:
2013-08-10 08:45:34 -0700

Can I be Dovewing? I read all the warrior books from Into The Wild to The Last Hope. I read all the super editions and the manga books, even the short stories!


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