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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

What Are Groups?

KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in Bieber? Join the Bieber Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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ppl who love jeydon and kyle wales come hear pls ya so..... like i said pls
you talk about kenny chesney and how much u love him or his songs u can talk about any thing you like about him or share any song or picturers you like so join but no haters !!!
well if u want it to be the coolest club on here everyone join because i hope to have the biggest group out of all the groups so please everyone join and i really am not lieing when i say it is the coolest so come on and join please please please ...

Love Grady Sizemore

people how love Grade Sizmore

BlahChris' People

Join if your my best friend.
Anyone who truely belong in the club will be UBER.
Everyone else will be regular members or they can quitt.
Thanks, BlahChris


if u r a kentucky basketball fan the njoin if u want and ur a fan

candy lovers for ever

if you like candy then u should join mmy group

Lalalala H! Lalalala

Lalalala H! jo!n If you love be!ng CrAzy CrAzy. and fun.......... Like Patrick or Sam cume over. we have cookies!!!?! OOOOOOOOh can i have sume. Huum Lalalala by
Go bama Go!!!!!!!!(:

people who like sasuke

this is a group of people who only like sasuke
:love:D:love:D:love:D:love:D:love:D:love:D:love:D:love:D:love:D:love:D:love:D ...
This group is about Taylor swift and only about her.We appreciate her evrey day 365 days a year.If you are adicted to likeing Taylor like I do join this club!And now Taylor is having a concert in California,I can't wait!So get your tickets!

I made this for all u random pplz(: I had a few ppl in mind when i made this But think of ur FRENCH FRIES
Oh I mean friendzez(: And what they mean tew uAnd ...
CANDY WON! Whats your favorite? I got bored with chocolate. I can't have Peanut butter. Carmel is a little too chewy. So i'd have to say candy. Who will win?Join to vote. Voting will end November 17th.

wonders girl

wonders girl is korean i like they sing a song nobody i likeeee wonder girl soo muchhhhh i was fallin love with them SO PLEASE SUPPORT WONDERS GIRL please find wonder girls in youtube to sing their song hehehehe WONDER GIRL:D WONDER GIRL:D WOND...

problem room

if u have a problem and u whant some advice u can join and get advice and evry one will try and help if posibel please note we can only give advice
If you like anything foodwise thats random , weird, cool, odd, or just whatever come to this club and express your feelings about awesome weird food I LIKE HOSPITAL POTATOES AND WAFFLES GO HOSPITAL FOOD!!!!!! P.S:The last time I went to the ho...

We love Jonas Brothers!

Who luvs the Jonas Brothers.. Well then join this group!!

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