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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

What Are Groups?

KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in T-Pain? Join the T-Pain Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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This group ish for one of a kind people :)
Wanna be uber?
Just ask!
Are an induvidual who ish one of a kind?
Then join!!
Here we talk about random stuff
what we like about ourselves, what we hate, and why were one ...

cool grlz

gives u fashion tips,teaches u how 2 kick boyz buttssss

yugioh group club

all yugioh fans please enter the group

spongebob (4) (sierra)

hi this is sierra you may know me frome menny of my grouops.well i love to watch spongebob and i have a spongbob cack for 11 years so if you are just is crazzy about spongebob as I am then join this group! ----------------------------------------...
hey gies its sierra! you may know me frome my groups if you wonna know if its my group i always put what # group this is I made and my name in printhisises. now about my group this group is just a place were gals can talk about there problomes. a...
hey gies this is sierra you may know me frome my group sierras .. im a real big miley fan and i live the show hannah monatanna so if you like miley or hanna this is totaly your group!also you can join miley on its funn and easy!

the sierras group!

this group iss for all the sierras!it does not matter how its spelled or how you mean it but if you are a sierra or know a sierra get in this group!

Exotic ENT.

Exotiic ENT is foahh Kiids that aree Uniique & sezyy loL well the Leaders are Stefany & Katherine the co_worker is Daniella ;; were gna add more Leaders when moree ppL joiin; Anythiing to ask dnt be scarred comment us here or Comment us in...

lulu_dance club

ok all we talk dance dance dance

little girls

we are kool

artix fans

if you like ae games come right here you will love it



rock luverz

this group is only for rock/metal/screamo luverz.if u like anythin else DO NOT JOIN >.
GIRL ONLY THIS IS WERE GIrlschat about school sports and more u can share pic of ur self if u want to to just tell me . HATER PLEASE LEAVE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


well this FOR GIRLS ONLY but u can talk,gossip and other things girls do u can also talk about boys so plz join and start gossiping

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