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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.
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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in Bieber? Join the Bieber Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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Hey if u got swagg and u know u do then join the SwAgGeR group this isnt a group for haters so if ur a hater get the fu** out of here!!! LoL

wii club

if u play the wii join today
ahhhhhh its nearly 2010 and its a decade thats ending...omg i remebr when it was 2000....sceary

the loner club

if ur lonly or single...for both genders

need a break

chill out do u ever wish thatt u had power and u could escape anyware and u like to be sexey and hot well join my gruop were u do what to do also boys check out my pics the first one is me then the rest are my bffs thanks join my club ...

Team Jacob Fans

This is a club where we are big fans of Taylor Lautner and\or Jacob Fans that dont like edward that much but have an idea that they like Edward but when they join this group they will be Team Jacob for LIFE
if cool girl but no strippers aloud

Lovers of Taken

if ur taken but u think u love someone else join this group 4 morral support.

Its a twin thing ;)

Hey Guys Im New to this site, And I Just wanted to know all the Twins out there! Ovbisly Im a Twin, Add her, Her Username is Hannah's Land ♥ Add her. Please join! Love Sophie!
All you dance love come join this club you will be able to look at dances and be showed the music and cd so you can try them out also youi will be able to chat about your favorite dancers and be able to put your owen dances on to so join now if yo...

I wanna\am cool!!!

Hey guys!!! My group is for people who are cool or who wanna be cool....I'ill give you tips too!!! Please join my group and comment on it too!!!!

Just Different People

This is for people who are just different, who are the way they are, not in a bad way. Don't ridicule someone just because of the way they look, talk, or the things they do. Look at the positive things in yourself and people. Join if you are that ...
:D Hiii everyone, just like to say: Anyone whose joined this must be a huge fan of Harry Potter, or at least love the books :D No Owls No Wands No Service ^^ If you are a Hp fan but have some questions, you can still join. If you've been a major ...

Vampires only_

this club is for true vampires that actually believe they are vampires and the world wont end in 2012. Ugh, scientist are so retarded anyway. Join this club and you wont regret it.

aka's ONLY!!!!!!!!

its fun
PLEASE JOIN MY GROUP!!! IF YOU LOVE MUSIC JOIN MY GROUP and comment your fav song. on the homepage of this group..

Text Obsesses girls!!

Hey Girls! For all of you who are text obsessed, come into my group! i cant go more than 1 hour without my phone by my side!!! :D


Lloyd is the one that plays Bed rock did you know dat

Nicki Manaji

If you Listen To Nicki Manaji Bed Rock Or Itty Bitty Piggy By Nicki Manaji Then Your a Fan Of Her

avatar rules

if you liked or want to see the movie avatar join this group. you can get or give reveiws of the movie too.

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Last one to say pineapple wins!!!!

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