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KW groups are a fun and cool way to meet other kids.

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KW Groups are fun and cool way to meet other kids.

What Are Groups?

KW Groups are places where you and your friends can hang out and talk about similar interests. Interested in T-Pain? Join the T-Pain Fan group, or make one if it doesn't already exist.

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Latest Groups

Kanye West Fan Club

If you like Kanye West and u be rockin to his music join this Fan Club.

tv lovers

one click on the mouse and you'll be a member go tv go tv
IM A DINOSAUR SO RAWR AND STUFF!! XD lol idk jus an awesome group that ROCKS!! lol if u kno me then pwease join! and always remember RAWR AND STUFF!! xD

3days Grace fan?

eyyy this is a group that u can join if u like 3 Days Grace well of coures i do lolz my favotite song of theirs is Pain that song is the best so join now and tell me wat ur fav song of theirs is!!:D


I am a animaniac freak, but like no one haas heard of them. If you haven't you will when you join this group. Animaniacs are the Warner Brothers and the Warner Sister Dot. They are cute lil' animals it even tells you that in a song on their soundt...

colbylover09 Group

we are going ti have a lot of fun if yoll are in my group and yoll can do enthing you wanna because in my group can be eny body and allmy friends to ok and yoll can be my friend to ok and my name kidzworld iz colbylover
this group is so good cool you get the greatest stuff,hookups prizes you have to join ps byyy
you so have to listen to tokio hotel songs its like each say something to you and Bill Kaulitz wrote all the song on there album Tom Kaulitz help write it to and wrote the music for the song so you need to listen to tokio hotel cause all there son...

DiVa GiRlZ

diva girlz is a awesome group!!!! itz moslty for girlz but boyz can join too:)

- AkAtSuKi -

This is the group that shall vanquish the ones that like naruto. hahahahahahahahahabuwahahahabuwahahaha


if you love twilight soOoOOooOOooo much then join this group!! its the best group ever
plz join my group and we will rule the kidz world

Anime Network!!!

This club is a whole thingy based on all types of anime. Whether it's inuyasha, fruits basket whatever. Its all things anime.

Girlz Only 101

This club is for girls only. It's anything that girls need help on or need to talk about.
This is for all the Edward Cullen fans out there!!!! GO EDWARD CULLEN!!!!!!

Mario Kart fan club

Video Games
Yo wass hannin! If you like mario then join this Group for tips and secrets for mario kart DS or if ya just like Mario kart.

The Rockstar Group!

If ur a true rockstar ull join know its fun!!!
lol.. so yea i (MSPRINCESS4RL)kno i put 2 much hearts in the title lol soo yeaa anywayz ...join diz group if u ♥ cOnvErse.. wE will have pOLLz w33lkLY soo YeA U shuD cHEcK bAC...i BasICly DnT hAvE aNyTHinG 2 SaY soo JsT jOIn LOl n FrIeNd ReQUeST m...


girls do you wnt people to listen to you but no one seems to listen to you.... not even your best friends. Well in this group everyone will listen to other girls. BTW THIS IS FOR GIRLS ONLY! SO... NO BOYS ALLOWED! Sorry but i make the rules. If yo...

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