Slam City Jam Slams

May 08, 2003

From Shaun White's pro skateboarding debut to Tony Hawk's 900, Kidzworld looks at the flips and falls from the Slam City Jam.

Mike Ogas Talks Skateboarding

May 01, 2003

Looking to get more air on your ollie? Wanna know if Avril Lavigne's a poser? Check out Simon's chat with skateboarder, Mike Ogas.

Heidi Henry Talks Motocross

Apr 23, 2003

So, you think chicks can't ride freestyle motocross? That's what Simon thought until he met motocross master, Heidi Henry.

Hang Ten With Surf Sister

Apr 14, 2003

If you're lookin' to catch a wave, Surf Sister Surf School is the place to be. Sindy checked out this cool, all-girl surf camp!

World Snowboarding Halfpipe

Mar 10, 2003

The half-pipe is a 400-foot tunnel of ice and snow that's the scene of snowboarding's most exciting tricks and wildest wipeouts.

Mike Metzger Biography

Feb 27, 2003

He's made motocross history with magnificent maneuvers on his motorcycle. Here's a closer look at Mike Metzger - the most maniacal man on a motorbike.

Snowboarding - Craig Kelly

Jan 23, 2003

Craig Kelly was a role model to boarders, and some even called him the best snowboarder ever. He'll be remembered for opening up the slopes and the sport of snowboarding to riders around the world.

Quiz! Test Your Skateboarding I.Q.

Jan 20, 2003

Are you a true skater who rides their board 24/7? Or are you a poser who doesn't know the difference between a pop-shuvit and a Pop Tart? Take Kidzworld's skateboarding quiz and find out.

2001 Biggest X Moments

Dec 24, 2002

Was it Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skatepark Tour, the Big Air at the Winter X Games or the invention of the snowdeck? Read on to find out Kidzworld's picks for Biggest X Moments of 2001.

Snowboarding - Boardercross

Dec 14, 2002

A bunch of guys race down a hill on snowboards as fast as they can. They'll hit nasty turns, big air and maybe even each other. First two to the bottom race again - the rest go home.

Travis Pastrana Biography

Oct 28, 2002

Can you say overachiever? By the time Travis Pastrana was 15 years old, he had a high school diploma and an X Games gold medal!

BMX Master, Mat Hoffman

Oct 20, 2002

No hands, no problem. That was Mat Hoffman's motto at the 2002 X Games as the Condor landed the first ever no-handed 900. That's two and a half turns with no hands!

The Boom Boom HuckJam Review

Oct 18, 2002

From Tony Hawk's first 360 to Carey Hart's final superman grab, the Boom Boom HuckJam is a two hour sensory overload that leaves your ears ringing and every synapse in your brain tingling.

Carey Hart Biography

Oct 15, 2002

He's known for turning huge back flips on his motorcycle and flipping head over heels for Pink. Read on to find more about the big air and broken bones of motocross master, Carey Hart.

Kelly Slater Biography

Sep 27, 2002

Is there any doubt that Kelly Slater is the Michael Jordan of surfing? Kidzworld takes a closer look at this legend!

Tony Hawk's Boom Boom Huckjam Tour

Aug 28, 2002

Tony Hawk is hitting the road for another fabulous tour. He's bringing along his favorite skaters and BMXers, some bands and DJs, and a light show that'll blow your mind. Get ready...

Get Involved With Surfing

Aug 21, 2002

Before you rush to the beach to catch some wicked waves, there's a few things you should know about surfing. Kidzworld has the 411!

2002 X Games

Aug 16, 2002

Forget about baseball players who wanna go on strike or washed-up football players who don't know when to retire. The only athletes worth watching this summer are the ones at the X Games.

Tony Hawk's Gigantic Skatepark Tour

Jun 18, 2002

You can expect to see a lot more of the world's top skaters at your favorite skatepark this summer. Tony Hawk and his friends are hitting the road for the Gigantic Skatepark Tour.

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