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Pro Athlete Bios & Sports News

Barry Zito Biography

Barry Zito is one of the most unique athletes you'll ever meet. Kidzworld takes a look at this All-Star pitcher!... read more

This Week in Sports - June 8-15, 2007

Nadal takes the French once again and the Spurs sweep the Cavs in the NBA Finals. Find out what else happened!... read more

This Week in Sports - June 1-6, 2007

The Ducks bring the Cup home to Cali and LeBron starts his quest for a ring. Find out what else happened this week!... read more

2007 WNBA Preview

As the NBA season is about to wrap up, it's now the ladies turn. Kidzworld tells you what to expect out of the 2007 season!... read more

Andruw Jones Biography

Drafted at just 16 years old, Andruw Jones was one of the most talented teenagers ever. Read more on this Atlanta Brave!... read more

Larry Hughes Biography

Larry Hughes is one of the most versatile players in the NBA. Find out more about this underrated star!... read more

Perks of the Per Diem

It pays to be an NBA player. On top of making millions of dollars, apparently they get an allowance too!... read more

Derek Jeter Biography

Derek Jeter is one of the brightest stars in Major League Baseball. We have a biography and pictures of the famous short stop for the New York Yankees... read more

2007 MLS Season Preview

Another season of MLS soccer has arrived and there's a lot of reason to be excited. We have your season's preview! ... read more

2007 NFL Draft Preview

Who will be the next Peyton Manning? Kidzworld's got the 411 on the best prospects in the 2007 NFL Draft!... read more

2007 Major League Baseball Season Preview

The boys of summer have returned! We'll tell you what you can expect from the 2007 MLB season!... read more

When I Was a Freshman - Jennie Finch

Ever wonder what your fave sports stars were like in high school? We talked to Jennie Finch and found out!... read more

Josh Howard Biography

When Josh Howard was a child, they said he would never be able to walk properly. Twenty years later, Josh is an NBA All-Star!... read more

Ryan Howard Biography

Ryan Howard may not be a household name, but he soon will be. Meet last year's National League MVP!... read more

Ichiro Suzuki Biography

Known simply as "Ichiro"worldwide, Ichiro Suzuki is one of the most talented, well-rounded players in the big leagues.... read more

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any age but the younger the better
reply 9 days
I dont like soccer so please dont take my comment to heart but I like ronaldo because hes hot haha
reply 9 days
reply 9 days
reply 9 days

Who Is The Best Two-Sport Athlete?

  • Deion Sanders.
  • Bo Jackson.
  • Jeremy Bloom.
  • Shaun White.

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