Four Square Game Rules

Aug 25, 2004

Looking for fun way to get some exercise and get out of the house this summer? Read on for more about the rules of Four Square.

2004 US Women's Olympic Gymnastics Team

Aug 20, 2004

They secured a silver medal or the US in Greece - now get ready to meet the 2004 US Women's Gymnastics team!

Quiz! Which Rodeo Dude Are You?

Jul 29, 2004

Are you better suited to be a bull rider or a rodeo clown? Take Kidzworld's Rodeo Quiz and find out!

Your Guide to Capture the Flag

Jul 28, 2004

If you're tired of sitting around indoors this summer, why not get outside for a game of Capture the Flag? Read on for all the kicking rules!

Lacrosse Overview

Jul 21, 2004

Lacrosse is considered to be the very first sport ever played in North America. Check out Kidzworld's introduction to this amazing sport!

Softball Rules

Jul 19, 2004

Softball has been around for nearly as long as baseball. The Kidzworld Coach has the 411 on the rules and history of softball. - Page 1

Why All-Star Games Suck

Jul 10, 2004

What do you think of All-Star games? Are they all-good or all-crap? Take Kidzworld's poll and let us know what you think.

Quiz! Olympic Facts

Jul 08, 2004

How much do you know about the Summer Olympics? Find out by playing Kidzworld's free online Olympic trivia.

Quiz! Wacky Sports Trivia!

Jul 01, 2004

How much weird, wacky and useless sports trivia do you know? Play Kidzworld's free online trivia and find out!

Sonya Thomas Spills Her Guts!

May 21, 2004

Sonya Thomas weighs less than 100 pounds but can eat more food in one sitting than just about any other human on the planet.

Sports Records You Don't Want to Hold

May 12, 2004

There are sports records that everyone is dying to hold, like most homeruns in baseball. Then there are other records...

Olympic Weightlifting

May 11, 2004

It's one of the world's oldest sports that combines strength, speed and flexibility. Kidzworld looks at Olympic weightlifting.

Rules of Playing Ultimate Frisbee

May 06, 2004

Ultimate Frisbee is the ultimate summer sport. All you need to start playing is some grass, some friends and, of course, a frisbee.

Celebrity Boxing - KW's Picks

May 05, 2004

Who would win a celebrity boxing match between Hilary Duff and P!nk? What about if Avril Lavigne and Eminem stepped into the ring?

Sports' Biggest Fools

Apr 01, 2004

To mark April Fool's Day, Kidzworld looks at some of the sports world's most foolish flubs and peculiar pranks.

Hole In One Facts and Records

Mar 04, 2004

Shooting a hole in one is one of the hardest feats in sports. Check out these facts and records on golf's toughest shot.

Man Versus Beast Sports Challenges

Feb 10, 2004

Can a human jump further than a dog? Can a man climb faster than a chimp? Kidzworld checks out Man vs. Beast challenges.

Best Sports Moments of 2003

Dec 31, 2003

Jean-Sebastien got giggy, Lebron made his mark, and Tim did some dunkin'. Kidzworld looks at the best sports moments of 2003.

Quiz! 2002 Sports Moments Trivia

Dec 20, 2003

Kidzworld wants to see how much you remember about the greatest goals, the timeliest touchdowns and the wildest winning streaks of 2002. Take our 2002 Sports Moments Quiz and put your knowledge to the test.

The Nickname Game in Sports

Dec 08, 2003

How did Payton or Johnson get their nicknames? Read on to find out how these guys, and other athletes, picked up their nicks.

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