Worst Teams of All Time

Oct 03, 2003

From the dismal Detroit Tigers to the terrible Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Kidzworld looks at some of the worst teams in sports history.

Quiz! Cheerleading Trivia

Jul 28, 2003

Love it or hate it - cheerleading is a national pastime in American high schools. Learn to boost your morale by takin' KW's quiz!

Athlete Fears and Phobias

Jun 02, 2003

Find out what makes Shaq quiver or Serena and Venus tremble. Yes, that's right. Even your fave athletes have fears and phobias.

Quiz! Which Wrestling Freak Are You?

Apr 07, 2003

If you were a freak from the wrestling world, who would you be? Triple H? The Rock? Take Kidzworld's Wrestling Quiz and find out.

Blood Doping in Sports - Athletes Cheating

Mar 10, 2003

It's the latest scam used by cheating athletes who want to go faster. Find out how about blood doping and its side effects.

Bizarre Sports Fan Traditions

Feb 10, 2003

What's up with Towel Power and the octopus in Detroit? Why are hats thrown on the ice when a player scores three goals? Read on to find out how these and other hockey fan traditions started.

Man Races Horse...and Other Showdowns

Feb 03, 2003

A man raced a horse across the desert in the blazing sun and a wrestler went toe to toe with an 800 pound bear. Here's a look at some of the great showdowns between humans and animals.

Athlete's Favorite Foods

Jan 07, 2003

Ever wonder what quarterback, Donovan McNabb, eats before a big game? Or what Tony Hawk nibbles on when he's not landing 900s? Kidzworld has a look at the favorite foods of your favorite athletes.

Quiz! Test Your Surfing I.Q.

Nov 22, 2002

Do you know what it means to drop in or hang ten? Or do you think surfing is only something you do on a computer? Take Kidzworld's Quiz and see how much you know about boards, babes and big waves.

Sports Cheats

Nov 20, 2002

From the marathon runners who took a ride on the subway to the football players who sprayed themselves with cooking oil - Kidzworld looks at some of the sports world's biggest cheats and scammers.

Buzkashi - National Sport of Afghanistan

Nov 18, 2002

If you think football is a rough game, then you're definitely too much of a sissy to play Buzkashi. It's an all-out battle for a goat's carcass that lasts a few hours or even several days.

WWE Smackdown - The Rock vs. The Hurricane

Nov 05, 2002

Imagine wrestling's greatest against wrestling's greenest. The Rock vs. The Hurricane. Who do you think would win this wild smackdown between two of the wrestling world's most frightening foes?

World Eating Records

Oct 29, 2002

How many hotdogs could you eat in 12 minutes? Would you dare to eat a cockroach? Check out this list of bizarre eating records and vote for the one you think is the most impressive.

Freaky Sports Injuries

Oct 04, 2002

You wouldn't think crossing a street or closing a bathroom door would be a dangerous activity for a pro athlete. Well, think again. Kidzworld looks at some of this year's freakiest injuries.

World's Best Roller Coasters

Aug 23, 2002

From the stomach-churning Colussus and its ten loops to the 375 foot Tower of Terror which is sure to make you crap your pants... Kidzworld looks at the world's wildest rollercoasters.

Wacky Sports: Yo-Yo - Mini-Golf - Hacky Sack

Jul 24, 2002

Did you know there actually are yo-yo competitions? Who knew hacky sack could be so ultra cool? The Kidzworld crew has profiled five off the wall sports to help cure your boredom blues. Read on...

Weird Sports Memorobilia

Jun 13, 2002

A piece of bubblegum chewed by Luis Gonzalez of the Arizona Diamondbacks was recently auctioned off for ten-thousand dollars. Check out this list of other weird sports collectibles.

World's Most Dangerous Sports

Apr 28, 2002

Riding a raging bull and jumping off the top of a skyscraper are both on Kidzworld's list of the world's most dangerous sports.

NCAA March Madness - Sweet Sixteen

Mar 20, 2002

Duke and Maryland show they're still the ones to beat and the Salukis made dog food out of the Bulldogs. Here's a look at the insanity from the first two rounds of March Madness 2002.

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