2010 Winter Olympics: Final Medal Count

Mar 01, 2010

Well, the 2010 Winter Olympic Games have come and gone, and boy was it an amazing ride! Check out what country won the most medals: Gold; Silver; and Bronze.

Best Super Bowl Ads 2010

Feb 08, 2010

Sure, some people watch the Super Bowl for the football, but others watch it for the TV Commercials. Check out some of the best ads from Super Bowl XLIV in 2010.

Top US Olympians To Watch In 2010

Feb 03, 2010

It’s almost time for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games! We wanted to find out which American athletes we should be watching as they go for the gold in 2010!

Top 10 Canadian Olympians To Watch In 2010

Feb 03, 2010

It’s almost time for the Winter Olympic Games! We wanted to find out which Canadian athletes we should be watching as they go for the gold in 2010!

Meet the 2010 Winter Olympic Mascots!

Jan 08, 2010

Meet the mascots of the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, happening in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (the home of Kidzworld!) from February 12, 2010 to March 21, 2010.

Quiz! Winter Olympics Quiz

Jun 22, 2009

How much do you know about the Winter Olympic Games? Take Kidzworld's free online quiz and find out.

Awesome Sports Video Clips

Jun 12, 2009

Some of the greatest video clips ever captured are of sports. Basketball, snowboarding, BMX, skateboarding and surfing, and extreme sports you might not even know existed, you can find video clips on the web. We’ve taken some time to narrow down five of

Quiz! Detroit Red Wings Trivia Challenge

Jun 11, 2009

Think you're a big NHL buff? How well do you know the players, stats and history of the Detroit Red Wings? Take his trivia challenge and find out!

Quiz! New York Mets Trivia Challenge

Jun 04, 2009

Think you know everything about the Mets, past and present? Take this trivia challenge and find out if you truly are the world's greatest Mets fan!

Paper Airplane World Record Set

May 21, 2009

An engineer from Hiroshima, Japan recently broke the Guinness World Record for the longest ever flight by a paper airplane

Sports Lingo

Jan 16, 2009

Do you understand the language of sports? Here’s some lingo that crosses the boundaries of your favorite games…

Wacky Sports :: Chessboxing

Oct 14, 2008

What happens when you mix brawn with brains? You get chessboxing, the sport where you combine chess and boxing. We got the 411 on this wacky sport!

Top Five Athlete Performances in Movies

Sep 24, 2008

Nine times out of ten, athletes make terrible actors. However, Kidzworld found a couple of exceptions with these slam dunk performances!

Sports Venues :: Dodger Stadium

Sep 15, 2008

This Southern California ball park has long been a favorite for both fans and players. Kidzworld's got the inside scoop on the home of the Los Angeles Dodgers!

Top Five Olympic Mascots

Aug 08, 2008

For the next few weeks you'll be seeing plenty of the Beijing mascots "TheFuwa", but are they one of the best Olympic mascots of all time? Kidzworld has the answer.

Great Moments in Olympic History

Aug 06, 2008

Do you have Olympic fever yet? Kidzworld looks at some of the most memorable moments in Summer Olympics' history, just in time for the Beijing Olympics!

David Sills Biography

Jul 30, 2008

Is this 12-year-old boy the NFL's next great quarterback? Experts believe this talented football player from Delaware has all the tools to be!

Wacky Sports :: Underwater Hockey

Jul 25, 2008

This wacky swimming pool game is way funner than playing marco polo! Get the 411 on the sport that combines swimming and hockey!

Top Five Worst Dressed Coaches

Jul 23, 2008

They might know the x's and o's of their sport, but that doesn't mean they know how to dress. Kidzworld counts down some of the worst dressed coaches!

Nichyria Byrd Interview

Jul 18, 2008

Ever want to know what it's like to go backstage at the ESPYS? This 11-year old Youth Achievement Award Winner from Chicago tells us what it's like!

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