Major League Soccer Facts

Sep 21, 2006

David Beckham has signed to the MLS! Check out these kickin' Major League Soccer facts and records.

Becoming a Bat Boy

Sep 14, 2006

From shining cleats and collecting bats to chugging milk and chasing balls, Kidzworld takes a look into the world of a bat boy.

Quiz! College Football Trivia!

Sep 06, 2006

From the Pac 10 to the Sugar Bowl, play free online sports trivia and take Kidzworld's College Football Quiz.

College Football Facts & Trivia

Aug 30, 2006

From the longest losing streaks to the origin of the first game, take a look at college football history, facts, feat and other trivia.

2006 World Basketball Championships

Aug 23, 2006

The world's top b-ball stars are in Japan for the 2006 World Basketball Championships. Find out more right here.

Go Fishing - Tips & Advice

Aug 17, 2006

Summer is the perfect time to grab a rod and do some fishing. You may not catch anything - but you'll always have a good story to tell.

Top Female Trips Into The Male Sports World

Aug 11, 2006

From Danica's driving to Michelle Wie's putting, check out some of the top female attemps at entering the men's sports world.

When Athletes Lose It

Jul 27, 2006

From Zidane's headbutt to Mike Tyson's famous ear bite, check out moments when athletes attack. Kidzworld looks at famous sports moments, trivia, facts and feats.

Best Individual Sports Rivalries - Part 2

Jul 21, 2006

From the tennis court to the dinner table, check out some of the best rivalries from the world of sports.

Soap Box Racing

Jul 18, 2006

So you wanna race cars like Jeff Gordon but you don't have a car and you don't have a license. Well, why not try soap box racing?

Biggest Sports Choke Jobs

Jul 14, 2006

From blowing big leads to losing clutch games, Kidzworld looks at some of the biggest choke jobs in the world of sports.

Baseball All-Star Game Facts & Records

Jul 11, 2006

The biggest names in baseball are playing in the MLB All Star Game. Check out these facts on the Midsummer Classic.

Hotdog Eating Contest World Champion Takeru Kobayashi

Jul 05, 2006

Holy Hotdogs! Takeru Kobayashi breaks his own record by eating more than 53 dogs at the 2006 World Hotdog Eating Championships!

Tour de France - Cycling Race

Jul 04, 2006

The best cyclists are racing for two-wheeled supremacy at the annual Tour de France. Read on for more on the world's most grueling bike race.

2006 Wimbledon Tennis Championship

Jun 29, 2006

From forehands to fashion, Kidzworld checks out the Wimbledon Tennis Tournament - the world's biggest tennis event played on grass.

Quiz! 2006 FIFA World Cup Trivia

Jun 23, 2006

The 2006 FIFA World Cup has kicked off in Germany. Play online sports trivia and with this World Cup Quiz.

Stanley Cup Facts and Trivia

Jun 07, 2006

The Red Wings are the 2008 Stanley Cup champs! Find out more about hockey's most famous trophy right here.

French Open Tennis Facts

Jun 01, 2006

It's one of the world's biggest tennis tournaments and the only one played on clay. Check out the facts on the French Open.

Sports Straight From the Swamp

May 24, 2006

From swamp buggy races to alligator wrestling, Kidzworld looks at wild sports from the world's swampiest places

WNBA Facts & Records

May 18, 2006

The WNBA is celebrating it's 10th birthday with the 2006 season. Check out these WNBA facts and records.

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