College Basketball Facts and Records

Dec 05, 2005

The NCAA basketball season is underway! Check out these slam dunking college basketball facts and records.

Be A Good Sport

Nov 21, 2005

From being a good loser to cheering on your teammates, check out the Coach's guide to good sportsmanship. Check out this look at good and bad sportsmanship in youth sports.

Quiz! Do You Know Lebron James?

Nov 04, 2005

How much do you know about Lebron James. Play free online sports trivia and test your knowledge of this NBA superstar.

Scariest Sports Curses

Oct 13, 2005

In 2004, the Red Sox finally broke the curse of the Bambino. We look at some of sports' spookiest curses!

Quiz! World Series Trivia

Oct 06, 2005

See how much you know about Major League Baseball's Fall Classic and take Kidzworld's World Series Quiz!

Quiz! Which Mascot Is It?

Sep 30, 2005

Test your knowledge of the most famous college and professional sports mascots with Kidzworld's free online sports quiz.

Playing Volleyball

Sep 16, 2005

Get ready to bump, set and spike! Kidzworld checks out the rules, history and the fun facts of the game of volleyball.

Quiz! Test Your Tennis Trivia

Sep 12, 2005

How much do you know about tennis? Take Kidzworld's tennis trivia quiz and test your knowledge of the world's top tennis superstars!

Siblings In Sports

Aug 31, 2005

From twin tennis stars to a family of football players, Kidzworld looks at famous siblings from the world of sports. Check out pictures, matchups and stats on famous sports families.

Ping Pong 101

Aug 24, 2005

It's the back-and-forth sport with a ball that travels up to 100 miles per hour. Kidzworld looks at the game of table tennis.

Quiz! Martial Arts Trivia

Aug 18, 2005

Test your knowledge of kung fu, karate, tae kwon do and other martial arts with this free online Martial Arts Quiz.

Amazing Sports Feats

Aug 05, 2005

From world-wide windsurfing to cross-continental cycling, Kidzworld looks at some of the world's most impressive sports feats.

Juggling 101

Jul 25, 2005

It's a skill that combines incredible balance, skill and strength. Kidzworld looks at the sport of juggling. Check out this look at juggling history, tricks and equipment.

Great Survival Stories

Jul 04, 2005

Why would someone cut off their arm? Why is it a good thing to get stung by fire ants? Kidzworld looks at wild survival stories.

Sports On Father's Day

Jun 16, 2005

Whether you watch a game with dad on TV, share your love of sports with your Dad on Father's Day! Check out Father's Day gift ideas on Kidzworld.

Why Curve Balls Curve & Spit Balls are Banned

Jun 10, 2005

Ever wonder why a curve ball curves and why hitters have such problems hitting the knuckle ball?

2005 Summer Sports Movies

May 27, 2005

Lindsay Lohan takes on the NASCAR tour and Aaron Carter races motocross. Check out some of this summer's best sports movies.

Are Cheerleading Routines Too Sexy?

May 11, 2005

Is cheerleading too sexy? Why are some people trying to ban some school cheerleading routines?

Youth Sports Violence

May 04, 2005

From basketball game brawls to attacks on umpires and refs, are youth sports becoming too violent?

Gene-Doping: Creating Super Jocks

Apr 29, 2005

Imagine if you could build an athlete with the strength of the Rock, the speed of Maurice Greene and the spring of Vince Carter. Well, look out... Such a creation may be closer than you think. Check out this look at gene doping in sports.

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