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Dear Dish-It, I Have A BF But My Mom Doesn't Know

I'm about to turn 11 and I have a boyfriend. How do I tell my mom? I think she will say no... should I not tell her?...read more

Dear Dish-It, Should I Date Him Behind My Mom's Back?

I got into trouble at school and my mom said I can't go out with my boyfriend. Should I date him behind my mom's back?...read more

Dear Dish-It, My Uncle Is Leaving Before Christmas!

I found out my uncle's leaving his family and it's only a few days til Christmas! I don't want that to be my cousin's Christmas present....read more
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Dear Dish-It, My Dad Beats Me and My Stepmom Doesn't Care

My dad hits me all the time and my stepmom just sits there and watches. What should I do if I don't want to call the police or child ser...read more

Dear Dish-It, My Sister and I Always End Up Fighting

My sister is getting out of a terrible divorce and had to move back home. I try to be nice, but I can't stand her and we always end up fighting....read more
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Dear Dish-It, My Parents Are Ruining My Life!

My parents are totally ruining my life! I’m 12 years old and I just moved to a new school. Well I was pretty nervous about starting a new school but I...read more

Dear Dish-It: My Dad Makes All My Decisions For Me

My dad’s making my life miserable. He makes decisions for me without even asking. He’s making me go to church camp when I said I didn’t want to go! Wh...read more

Dear Dish-It: My Uncle Is Gay

My uncle is gay. I saw him and his partner locking lips in the living room. Now every time I see him I feel very strange. I find it hard to talk to hi...read more

Dear Dish-It: My Cat Died

I had a cat who I had my whole life ever since I was a baby. She was a kitten and we grew up together. Now I’m 12 and my cat just died. I am so sad. I...read more

Dear Dish-It: How Do I Ask?

I need help, obviously. My best (guy) friend said he'll probably invite me to his end-of-the-school-year party this June. How do I ask my mom if I can...read more

Dear Dish-It: Mom Won't Let Me Talk To Him

My mom told me I can't talk to my crush anymore! I just told her about some bad choices he made, and now I'm not allowed to talk to him! He did hurt m...read more

Dear Dish-It: Coming Out To My Parents

I’m bi and I’ve told my friends. They’re OK with it but my parents might not be. They’re constantly making bad comments about gays and bisexuals and I...read more

Dear Dish-It: I Hate Myself & My Mom Does Too

I hate myself and I feel like I want to kill myself! I’m fat and ugly! And to make matters worse my mom calls me fat and other names, too. ...read more

Dear Dish-It: I Want A Cell Phone

I Want A Cell Phone

My parents won’t let me have a cell phone. I am 11 years old and everyone I know has one. They always say "the time will come" but it seems like it ne...read more

Dear Dish-It: My Mom's Giving Up My Dog

I’m trying to convince my mom not to give my dog away. We’ve had her for a year. Please help me – I don’t know what to do....read more

Dear Dish-It: My Dad Doesn't Know I'm Dating

My friend told me that my boyfriend told her that he’s in love with me. I’m only in Grade 6 and I can’t tell my dad because he’d freak out if he even ...read more

Dear Dish-It: I Hate My Sister

What do you do if you hate your sister? Find out what Dish-It thinks is best....read more

Dear Dish-It: My Mom Hates My BF

worried asks: "If my boyfriend is acting weird because my mom don't like him and he knows it, what should I do!!"...read more

Dear Dish-It: My Dog Keeps Barking!

Jenny asks: "My dog just won’t stop barking! Ever since I got my 2010 calendar with dogs on each month, my dog keeps growling and crying and yelping a...read more

Dear Dish-It: I Don't Want To Move

blonde asks: "I’m 13 and I live with my Grandma. My mom is getting married in June and she wants me to move to her town this summer but I don’t want t...read more