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Dear Dish-It, My Best Friend Is Always Judging Me

My best friend is always judging me on my appearance and calling me mean names. It really hurts my feelings.... read more

Dear Dish-It, I'm Struggling With My Social Life

I am struggling with my social life. People I thought were my friends have suddenly taken up a liking of making fun of me.... read more

Dear Dish-It, My Friends Ditched Me

My two best friends and I all went shopping. Then, unexpectedly, they darted off while we were just sitting there!... read more

Dear Dish-It, She's Moved onto New Friends

I just started high school and my BFF and I both have new friends. But it seems like I'm invisible to her. Please help!... read more

Dear Dish It, Why Did My Sister Get a C in Art?

My sister got a C in Art. Since it's a kind of style, do you think this is fair? If you do, can you explain why?... read more

Dear Dish-It, My Friend Is Being Neglected

My friend comes down to our softball practices in no shirt, ripped jeans, and no shoes. Should I buy him some new clothes?... read more

Dear Dish-It, Did I Do the Right Thing?

One of my teachers recently lost her daughter to cancer at a very young age. I sent her a poem - do you think she'll be mad?... read more

Dear Dish-It, We're Afraid of Our Old Friends

My best friend and I are going back to school in a few weeks, but we're nervous about seeing some friends.... read more

Dear Dish-It, My Friend Really Annoys Me

I have a problem - I have this friend named Alice and I wanna be her friend but she annoys me sooo much!... read more

The Bully Factor: Patrick McKay

11 year-old Patrick McKay is taking on the bullies of America. Simon sits down to chat with this martial arts wonder.... read more

Dear Dish-It, What Do I Tell Her?

I'm going to Hong Kong for Christmas and my best friend is too. She wants to take me shopping there but my mom won't let me!... read more

Dear Dish-It, My Friend Calls Me a Poser

My friend is calling me a poser. I told her I didn't like to be labeled and that I wasn't that insignificant. I need some advice.... read more

Dear Dish-It, I Want a Best Friend

I'm 15 and I don't make friends easily. I only have three friends who aren't my best friends. I really want a best friend that doesn't care what I loo... read more

Forging Unlikely Friendships

So, you and your best friend have been through a lot, but have you ever thought of those peeps who manage to bond with one another despite some pretty... read more

Have You Got the Time?

Schools out for the summer you're bored already. It's okay to have some downtime, you probably deserve it, or not. Anyway, everybody should take a '... read more

How to Deal With A Bully

Okay, if you want to be a better player at a sport - you practice. Dealing with bullies takes practice too. We've got some skills you can practice to ... read more

How to Deal With A Bully - Part II

Think you aren't as tough as a bully - Think again. Bullies are not strong, they are weak. Why else would they pick on people to make themselves feel ... read more