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Gossip Girl: Season 5, Episode 16 :: Cross Rhodes

This week on Gossip Girl (Season 5, Episode 16), Serena’s family finally discovers that the real Charlie Rhodes is not who they think. Read Kidzworld’... read more
Feb 21, 2012 | 2 comments
Nolan Sotillo got his big break in Disney's Prom, find out more in his Kidzworld Q

Nolan Sotillo Q&A

Nolan Sotillo starred in Disney’s hit teen drama Prom as the loveable and love-struck soccer-star sophomore Lucas. Nolan couldn't be more excited abou... read more
Casting Call

Family Adventure Show Casting Call

The producers of "The Buried Life," "The Biggest Loser," and "Masterchef" are currently searching for America’s most outgoing families to compete in e... read more
Chris Tavarez

Chris Tavarez Interview

Star-athlete and actor Christopher Tavarez, star of the new Disney Channel movie Avalon High, tells Kidzworld about his life in the spotlight. Check i... read more

Mitchel Musso Biography

You know him best as Oliver on Hannah Montana—check out Kidzworld’s bio of the always entertaining actor and performer, Mitchel Musso! ... read more

Meet The Parents 3: Open Casting Call

Universal Pictures is holding an open casting call for boys and girls between the ages of six (6) and eight (8) to play the two children of Greg and P... read more

2009 Oscar & Grammy Award Picks

We’re sticking our necks out and attempting to predict the 2009 Oscar and Grammy winners. Who do you think will win these prestigious awards?... read more

Making Crash of the Titans :: Inside Radical Entertainment (pg.2)

Get radical with Gary’s look at Radical Entertainment and how they made their new Crash of the Titans video game! - Page 2... read more
Jan 08, 2008 | post a comment

Are You Afraid of the Dark? TV Show Facts

The Midnight Society scared the willies out of every kid who listened to their ghost stories on this frightfully good show!... read more

Transformers TV Show Facts

The Transformers are both robots and vehicles in one retro-chic package. Here's why they're more than meets the eye!... read more

Yin Yang Yo! TV Show Facts

Long ago, the world was saved by Woo-Foo Warriors. Today there are only three left. Get the goods on these crime-fighting bunnies!... read more

From Abercrombie Models to Actors

Tons of celebs start out in the modeling industry. Here's the dish on Abercrombie hotties who made it big in Hollywood.... read more

Top 10 Celeb News of 2005

From Nick and Jessica's split to Tom and Katie's hookup, we have the hottest Hollywood gossip of 2005 here!... read more

Undiscovered Movie Review

Ashlee Simpson stars as a struggling actress/singer who tries to make it big in Hollywood in the flick, Undiscovered. Read on for... read more

The Buzz on Maggie TV Show Facts

The Buzz on Maggie is the latest cartoon series to hit the Disney Channel. Get the facts right here!... read more

Don't Quote Me Trivia Game

Think you know everything about TV? Test your knowledge of television quotes with the board game, Don't Quote Me.... read more

Jesse McCartney Biography

Jesse McCartney stars on Summerland and just released his solo debut album. Find out more about him!... read more

Celebrity Recap - March 2004

Lindsay Lohan has an uninvited guest, Hilary and Avril are in a cat-fight and The Simpsons are on strike! D'oh!... read more

Separated at Birth - Johnny Depp & Skeet Ulrich

Does Captain Jack Sparrow have a twin? Tell us if you think Johnny Depp and Skeet Ulrich, have been Separated at Birth.... read more

Celebrities' Secret Skills

There are a ton of actors out there that have more than one passion. Take a look at these multi-talented celebrities.... read more