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There's a hole ...

Dear Dish-it: There's A Hole Inside

silver wolf asks: "I know a lot of my friends have no BF or GF but i am SO lonely. All my life I've felt like there's a hole in my chest and I know no... read more
Jun 13, 2010 | 20 comments

Simon's Blog - December 4, 2006

Are there two more beautiful words in the English language than "snow day"? Looks like I'll be hitting the park!... read more

Simon's Blog - November 14, 2006

In case you're like me and are counting down the days until Christmas break, here's a few ideas for chilling on cold fall days.... read more

Simon's Blog - March 28, 2006

My teachers don't quite understand that "Spring Break" is supposed to mean" a pause or interruption in assigning homework".... read more

Dear Dish-It, I Don't Want to Sound Like a Prude

How can I tell my boyfriend that I don't want to go all the way without sounding like a prude? Find out what Dish-It says!... read more

Quiz the Coach - Kids Laugh At Me When I Shoot!

One day I played basketball with other kids at school but every time I shot the ball they yelled nonsense at me and laughed.... read more

Quiz the Coach - I Like Karate, Not Dancing!

I love karate but everyone, including my friends and parents, thinks I should just drop out. What should I do?... read more

Quiz the Coach - I Wanna Ditch Cheerleading!

My problem is urgent! I hate cheerleading. I did it last year, but by January I hated it so much. How do I tell the 'rents?... read more

Dear Dish-It, I Think My BF Cheated

My boyfriend gave me his email password and when I checked it, I found an email from another girl talking about how they got together. I'm so mad, I c... read more

Puttin' It Down with the 'Rents

I've been getting tons of letters from members. They've been really groovy, keep them coming, please! But I'm telling you, as a friend and as a moth... read more

Here He... I Mean She Comes!

Recently, a girl ran for prom king and won. The press described it as "turmoil" in the town and the school board doesn't want it to happen again. If ... read more

Dear Dish-It, My Parents Just Won't Listen! (pg. 2)

Do you ever find your parents just won't listen to you? Find out what Dish-It suggests you should do.... read more