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Amelia Atwater-Rhodes Interview

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes has written the coolest vampire books ever! Check out Sindy's interview with this talented teen! more

Celeb Causes - Justin Timberlake

Singer Justin Timberlake feels so strongly that music and the arts are an essential part of education that he started the Justin Timberlake more
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2006 Youth Snowboards

Get ready for a winter of mayhem on the slopes. Check out the latest snowboards from Burton, Forum, K2 and more
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High School Musical Magic 8 Ball Review

Who'll make it to call backs in the school musical? Just ask the HSM Magic 8 Ball and you’ll have your answers! more
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Celeb Zeroes - Michael Jackson

Some things aren't worth mentioning. Michael Jackson ran from New York City on September 11th and didn't stop until he hit New Jersey. Well, thanks more

Sylvie And The Songman Book Review

In this fantastic adventure story, the main character, a girl named Sylvie Bartman, lives with a dog named Mr. Jackson and her more
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Celeb Causes - Natalie Merchant's Charities

Natalie Merchant is a singer, songwriter and humanitarian. She gives her time and her music and money to many children's charities. Go Nat! more
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Celeb Causes - Michael J. Fox and Parkinson's Disease

He grew up thinking he'd be a professional hockey player, but acting became his passion. Now Michael J. Fox has stepped out of the spotlight so he more

Oprah Winfrey Biography

There's a reason she's the queen of talk shows. She can turn tears into laughter and pain into healing. But Oprah's good vibes don't more

Bratz Electronics

Enjoy your favorite tunes with your favorite fashion dolls with a Bratz Plugged In Liptunes MP3 more
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My Coach Hates Me!

I don't think my high school coach likes me. No matter what I do, or how much I improve, he still finds something to pick on me more
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Celeb Causes - Willie Nelson's Farm Aid

Willie Nelson isn't just known for his country tunes. One of his charity events is his yearly Farm Aid concert to help out struggling US more
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Celeb Causes - Sting

The former lead singer of The Police has been keeping himself busy. Sting has been starring in movies, winning awards, starting foundations and more

Tyson Chandler Biography

A big reason why the New Orleans Hornets were one of the best teams in the NBA this year, was because of the play of this dominant big more
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Celeb Causes - Ted Danson

Ted Danson is a huge ocean-lover. He is the co-founder of American Oceans Campaign (AOC), an organization devoted to safeguarding the vitality of the more
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Celeb Causes - Whoopi Goldberg

Did you know Whoopi Goldberg is a certified angel? It's true. This August she will be getting an Angel Award for her long time efforts to help more
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Dear Dish-It: My Mom Won't Let Me Sleep Over

My mom won't let me stay over at my friend's house cuz my brother cries if I'm not home! Please help me! more
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January 2006 Horoscopes

Want to know what the stars are predicting for you in 2006? Get the scoop with these free January horoscopes! more
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The Snot Shot Toy Gun

You no longer need to stick your finger up your nose to fire globs of snot at your friends. Get ready for the new Snot Shot! more

Simon's Blog - February 25, 2004

Simon's blogging about bad grades in school and his dad freaking out! Check out his free online journal right here! more
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