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Tonya Mitchell Biography

Tonya Mitchell has been singing since she was old enough to talk. Her parents discovered her talent when they caught her singing to Debbie Gibson song...read more
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Survivor Episode 13

It was unlucky episode 13 - unlucky for Elisabeth. America's sweetheart gets the boot while America's cowboy continues his winning streak. We also fi...read more
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All About Mother's Day

Mother's Day

May 02, 2016 Centuries ago, Mother's Day honored the Mother of the Gods but now the day is meant for our moms.Get all the details and history of Mother's Day on Ki...read more

Mars :: Planet Overview

Mars :: Planet Overview

NASA scientists have just celebrated the successful landing of the Phoenix Mars Lander, which is already teaching us a lot about the red planet. Get t...read more

Kids Golf World Championship

Is your golf swing sweet enough to make you the next Tiger Woods, or at least one of the best golfers your age? If it is, then get ready for the 2001 ...read more
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Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo

May 02, 2016 Cinco de Mayo is a big holiday in Mexico. The Mexican army was outnumbered by the French army but they fought and won on May 5, 1862. Learn all about ...read more

Insane Ticket Prices

What's up with the price of concert tickets? I mean a BSB ticket costs more than my bike. Tix for their Orlando show can cost as much as $95 US. Does ...read more
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Buffy the Vampire Slayer - The Scooby Gang: Part 1

Where would Buffy be without her faithful friends? Without Xander's one-liners and Willow's goofy comments, it's just a show about some chick with a m...read more
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Ba', Ba', Black Eyes

You can kick, head-butt and even break down doors. Even better - there's no referee. It makes football look like a sissy game. Welcome to Ba' - the ...read more
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Wild Things: Puffer Fish

These fish got their name because when they become alarmed they puff themselves up with air or water. They are also a delicacy in Japan even though p...read more

Bad Haircuts to Avoid - Mullets and Crew Cuts

The mullet - also known as hockey hair or the soccer rocker. Pro-athletes have been able to get away with it because they have fame and fortune - but ...read more

Late Games

You've marked the calendar. You've pre-ordered and pre-paid. You've camped out at the store. The doors open and the first words you hear are 'Sorry du...read more

Destiny's Child - Survivor CD Review

The three remaining survivors that weren't kicked off the island, or out of the band in this case, Beyonce, Kelly and Michelle are back with Surviv...read more
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Brendan Fehr Biography

Roswell may be over, but that doesn't mean you've forgotten about your fave alien! Check out lots of cool info on Brendan Fehr!...read more
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USA Tennis Month

May is Tennis Month so start raisin' a racket and smashin' some balls. It's an easy sport to learn and a great way to stay in shape. If you start now,...read more

Kirby's Tilt 'n' Tumble :: GBC Game Review

Say NO! to controllers with Kirby's new game for your Game Boy Color. You don't need any buttons at all to control Kirby in his latest game, it's all ...read more
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Book Review - Voyage of the Basset - Thor's Hammer

Giants, dwarves and gods, oh my! It's 1876 and three kidz are about to set sail from San Francisco aboard the Basset - a magical ship that will take t...read more
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Thailand - Beyond the Beach

Thailand is usually known for its white, sandy beaches and deliciously spicy food but lately it's gained attention for less positive reasons. Find out...read more

Working with Pop Stars

Imagine a job where you tour with *NSYNC and watch other pop stars audition. Before you apply, know this - you don't get to drool over Justin Timberla...read more

The Bass

This instrument shares its name with one of your fave *NSYNCers, Lance Bass, but it's pronounced 'base'. Drums add the beat to your song, but the bass...read more