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Escape From Monkey Island :: PC Game Review

Arrr matey! This here game be a pirates booty of action, adventure and laughs. Check out what Gary has to say about Lucasarts latest PS2 game more
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Separated at Birth - Johnny Depp & Skeet Ulrich

Does Captain Jack Sparrow have a twin? Tell us if you think Johnny Depp and Skeet Ulrich, have been Separated at more

2002 Halloween Costume Ideas

Halloween is just around the dark, scary corner and if ya don't have a costume idea yet ya better get on it! Kidzworld has a few ideas on what to more

Disney's Treasure Planet Movie Review

Arrr matey! Are ye ready for a swash-buckling adventure in the depths of space? Disney's Treasure Planet is all about pirates, a kid and a more

Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon :: PC Review

Disney's Treasure Planet is pirates in space. Disney's Treasure Planet: Battle at Procyon lets you take command of ships and battle in space. Read more
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Orlando Bloom Biography

Orlando Bloom won hearts with his role as Legolas Greenleaf in The Lord of the Rings trilolgy. But, he's not nearly as agile as his Elvish character. more

Tropico 2: Pirate Cove :: Free PC Game Demo

Has Pirates of the Caribbean put you in the mood for pirate action? A free demo of Tropico 2: Pirate Cove is the game for you! more
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Sindy's Must-See Movie Picks!

The summer of 2003 is a powerhouse of sequels and feature length TV adapts! Check out my picks from Pirates to Legally Blonde more
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Pirates of the Caribbean Movie Review

Ancient curses, undead pirates, cool FX... Johnny Depp & Orlando Bloom! The Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl is finally more
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Keira Knightley Biography

Keira Knightley Biography

Who's that girl kissing Orlando Bloom in Pirates of the Caribbean? She's the luckiest girl in the world - Keira Knightley! more

Haunted Mansion Movie Review

Disney's released another movie based on another theme park ride. Is Haunted Mansion a fun fantasy or a fear-less ghost tale? more

Top 5 Movies of 2003

Once again, the end of the year is near and it's time to recall the amazing flicks that grabbed our attention - and our allowance! more
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Fashion Police :: 2004 Golden Globe Awards

Film and TV actors have a shot at winning a Golden Globe - as well as a shot at becoming a fashion victim on the red carpet! more
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Pirates of the Spanish Main Strategy Game Review

Yar-har! This game lets ye man yer own pirate ship and sail the seas looking for loot! Read the review here ya scurvy dog! more
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Sword and Skull

Battle away across the high seas and search for stolen treasure with the pirate board game, Sword and more
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Rocketmen: Axis of Evil - Spaceship Battle Game Review

Get your atomic ray guns and conquer space in the new Rocketmen: Axis of Evil space combat game from Wizkids! more
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One Piece Collectible Card Game Review

Shonen Jump's anime about treasure-seeking pirates is now a card game with the One Piece game. Here's our review! more

Corydon and the Island of Monsters Book Review

A shepherd boy who was born with a goat's leg finds himself in the middle of a battle between gods and monsters! more
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Klutz's Pirate Ship Building Cards

Rule the waves, find treasure and sail the seven seas. Build your own pirate ship or fortess with Klutz building more
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