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San Francisco Rush 2049 :: N64 Game Review

If you're ready for some wicked racing action then SFR 2049 will bring it on for ya. The hot arcade action of San Francisco Rush 2049 has been conve...read more
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How Popcorn Pops

Popcorn is a tasty addition to any movie night but it's also an example of some pretty cool science!...read more

Midtown Madness :: Kids Submit PC Game Review

Kevin has the 411 on Midtown Madness. It's a driving game where you cruise around the city crashing into cars and buildings. Check out why Kevin says ...read more
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Monster Truck Madness 2 :: Free PC Game Demo

Put the pedal to the metal with your very own monster truck. Microsoft's Monster Truck Madness 2 has more mud than you can pack down your littl...read more
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Need For Speed: Porsche Unleashed :: Free PC Game Demo

The Porsche is THE car to drive. It's fast, smooth, snazzy and oh-so-famous. Need For Speed is THE racing game to play. Stick 'em together and ...read more

Rat Race Movie Review

Rat Race has runaway organs, body piercings, 30 reasons to be afraid of old TV shows and one crazy dash for a whole load of cash. Catch the KW ...read more
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The 3D Gamemaker :: PC Game Review

Ever wanted to be a game designer? To have your games reviewed on big-name websites, lined up for at stores and played by millions? The 3D Gamemake...read more
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Super Price Slash

What can $20 get you nowadays? Not much, unless you're buying a Virgin Interactive video game. They're releasing five hot new games for the crazy, low...read more
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Screamer 4x4 :: Free PC Game Demo

Virgin isn't stopping at just letting you pick up their coolest games for rock bottom prices. They're letting you try 'em out for free too! Test drive...read more
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Gary's Got Gamecube

Nintendo is Gary's new best friend - they let him play with a Gamecube! Check out what the fuzzy dude has to say about their new games and what'll blo...read more

Dear Dish-It, Am I Just a Hello Kitty?

OK, I have a problem, there is a boy I like but my friend likes him too. He asked me out but he doesn't like my friend. Now she is saying that she won...read more

Dear Dish-It, Are My Friends Gay?

I went to a sleepover party at my friend's house and he invited 1 more guy. They decide to play strip crazy 8s. Doing it with girls is bad but just gu...read more

Forging Unlikely Friendships

So, you and your best friend have been through a lot, but have you ever thought of those peeps who manage to bond with one another despite some pretty...read more
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Civil Rights Movement Timeline

Civil Rights Movement Timeline

Jan 09, 2016 Long before MLK Jr. walked onto the civil rights stage, many important events took place in the movement to establish equality and peace. Check out Ki...read more

Race To Ramses

Stop Egyptian tomb raiders from breaking into the Pharoah's burial chamber. You'll need to flex your word-power to win this race....read more

F1 Challenge Game Review

If you're a demon for things that go vroom, let F1 Challenge '99-'02 satisfy that need for speed. EA Sports puts you in the pits....read more
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The Simpsons Road Rage: GBA Game Review

The Simpsons hit the streets in the video game, The Simpsons Road Rage for the Nintendo Gameboy Advance. Gary reviews it here!...read more
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F-Zero GX: Gamecube Game Review

Warm up your engines for F-Zero GX's crazy racing game action on the Nintendo Gamecube. Gary reviews this racin' game!...read more
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NASCAR Thunder 2004: Xbox Game Review

Strap yourself in and put the pedal to the metal. Kidzworld's got the racing lowdown on Nascar Thunder 2004 video game for Xbox. It's the latest in th...read more
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Gamecube's Kirby Air Ride

The pink puffball, Kirby, is racing up a storm on the Nintendo Gamecube in this video game. Get the 411 from Gary's review here!...read more
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