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Spooky Movies and TV Shows Streaming on Netflix

Spooky Movies & TV Shows Streaming on Netflix

In the need for a scare? Netflix has plenty of options to stream as we approach Halloween. Check out Kidzworld's top Spooky Movies & TV Show to st... read more
Oct 12, 2017 | post a comment

Magic Duel Decks: Elves vs. Goblins Card Game Review

Goblins and elves clash with these two decks! Is this two-player Duel Decks pack great fun or ghastly? We review it here.... read more

TMNT Pictures, Spectrobes vs. Pokemon and PS3 Goes Home

Check out TMNT game pictures, the 411 on the Spectrobes vs. Pokemon showdown and what’s up with PS3 Home.... read more

ATTACKTIX Battle Figure Game - Star Wars vs. Transformers

Darth Vader and more cool Star Wars warriors battle the robot Transformers in ATTACKTIX! We review it here.... read more

Casting Call - Trading Spaces: Boys vs. Girls

What if you had the opportunity to get on TV and have your bedroom totally re-designed, all at the same time? Find out how!... read more

Freedom Force vs. the Third Reich - Free Video Game Demo

Superhero time! Battle the forces of evil as a costumed superhero and save the day with this free video game demo.... read more

Quiz the Coach - I'm A Girl On The Boy's Soccer Team

I'm a girl and I've just made the Varsity Boys soccer team but whenever we play another school I hear hurtful remarks.... read more

Man Versus Beast Sports Challenges

Can a human jump further than a dog? Can a man climb faster than a chimp? Kidzworld checks out Man vs. Beast challenges.... read more

Hollywood Stuntman

He's been shot by Will Smith, hacked to death by Jason and he's jumped off a 50 foot building! Kidzworld meets a Hollywood stuntman!... read more