Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Board Game Review

Jan 29, 2008

The new age of Monopoly has new locations and pieces, plus electronic cards instead of cash! We review it here.

Disney Pictionary DVD Game Review

Jan 17, 2008

The classic game of Pictionary gets animated with all of your favorite Disney characters! Plus, it does the drawing for you!

Harry Potter Scene It? 2nd Edition DVD Board Game

Dec 11, 2007

Put your wizarding skills to the test in the Harry Potter Scene It Second Edition board game. Here's our review.

Monopoly Disney/Pixar Edition Review

Nov 27, 2007

Your fave Disney/Pixar flicks like Ratatouille and The Incredibles have teamed up for the latest version of Monopoly!

Operation Rescue Kit Review

Nov 05, 2007

It's time to play super surgeon and help Cavity Sam with Operation Rescue Kit, the new updated version of the classic game by Hasbro!

Disney Scene It? 2nd Edition DVD Game Review

Oct 13, 2007

Test your Disney trivia skills with this fun DVD board game for 2-4 players, or an entire party! We review it here.

Aftershock! Game Review

Oct 02, 2007

An earthquake is about to hit your living room! Well, sort of. Race to stack the blocks before the timer goes off and sends the blocks crashin' down!

Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor DVD Game

Sep 19, 2007

Discover the mysteries of the Curse of Blackmoor Manor in this Nancy Drew DVD game. Here’s our review!

Digitz: The Multiplication Machine Review

Sep 05, 2007

Digitz is a fun and educational game that boosts your brain! Check out the review of this great math helper!

Pokemon Trading Figure Game - Next Quest Review

Aug 23, 2007

This cool board game lets you collect and battle with awesome Pokemon figures! We review it right here.

Cranium Squawkbox Pirate's Passage Review

Aug 08, 2007

Race your ship and lay claim to the pirate's hidden treasure when you play Squawkbox Cards Pirate's Passage!

Amazing Places: National Parks - Card Deck Review

Jul 19, 2007

From Death Valley to Mount Rushmore, add the coolest places in the world to your favorite card games!

Cranium Tune Twister Review

Jun 14, 2007

Play Cranium Tune Twister, where the object of the game is to write and sing silly new lyrics to the tune of old songs!

Dread Pirate Board Game Review

May 29, 2007

Yar-har! Collect booty on the high seas and become the dread pirate in this trivia-filled board game. We review it here.

HeroScape: Fortress of the Archkyrie Review

Apr 30, 2007

We review the new Fortress of the Archkyrie castle set for the HeroScape board game of awesome fantasy battles.

Griddly Headz Baseball Board Game Review

Apr 03, 2007

Join the wacky Griddly Headz baseball team for some time at-bat in this sports board game. Here’s our review.

Cranium Zooreka Review

Mar 15, 2007

Be the first to build the ultimate zoo and you win, but watch out for dangerous obstacles along the way! Get the review of Zooreka right here.

Card Games for the Whole Family!

Feb 20, 2007

Pick a card, any card! Kidzworld checks out a bunch of fun card games you can play with your whole family or your friends!

Nick Scene It? Review

Feb 06, 2007

Do you love the Nick channel? Are SpongeBob SquarePants and Zoey 101 just a few of your favorite TV shows? Then you gotta play the Nick Scene It? DVD game and prove you're the biggest Nick fan out there!

Monopoly: The Mega Edition Review

Nov 13, 2006

The world's most famous game has come out with an all-new mega edition. This game's not just bigger - you play faster and get rich quicker too!

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