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Flippin’ Frogs Board Game Review

Flip frogs into a tree to save them from the hungry crocodiles in this board game. Fun or a flop? Here’s our review.... read more

The Spiderwick Chronicles Toy Reviews

You love The Spiderwick Chronicles, but will you go crazy for the Spiderwick Toys? Kidzworld has the review.... read more

Illuminated W.O.R.D. Game Review

Get your word play on with this fun collection of word games that are great for both beginners and word aficionados!... read more

Traverse Board Game Review

Mix chess, checkers and mix a little craziness and you will get Traverse! Kidzworld reviews this special 20th anniversary edition of the... read more

The Game of Life: Twists & Turns Review

Before you jump into the real world, test the waters by playing The Game of Life so you can experience all the twists and turns of life ... read more

Monopoly Electronic Banking Edition Board Game Review

The new age of Monopoly has new locations and pieces, plus electronic cards instead of cash! We review it here.... read more

Disney Pictionary DVD Game Review

The classic game of Pictionary gets animated with all of your favorite Disney characters! Plus, it does the drawing for you!... read more

Harry Potter Scene It? 2nd Edition DVD Board Game

Put your wizarding skills to the test in the Harry Potter Scene It Second Edition board game. Here's our review.... read more

Monopoly Disney/Pixar Edition Review

Your fave Disney/Pixar flicks like Ratatouille and The Incredibles have teamed up for the latest version of Monopoly!... read more

Operation Rescue Kit Review

It's time to play super surgeon and help Cavity Sam with Operation Rescue Kit, the new updated version of the classic game by Hasbro<... read more

Disney Scene It? 2nd Edition DVD Game Review

Test your Disney trivia skills with this fun DVD board game for 2-4 players, or an entire party! We review it here.... read more

Aftershock! Game Review

An earthquake is about to hit your living room! Well, sort of. Race to stack the blocks before the timer goes off and sends the blocks <... read more

Nancy Drew: Curse of Blackmoor Manor DVD Game

Discover the mysteries of the Curse of Blackmoor Manor in this Nancy Drew DVD game. Here’s our review!... read more

Digitz: The Multiplication Machine Review

Digitz is a fun and educational game that boosts your brain! Check out the review of this great math helper!... read more

Pokemon Trading Figure Game - Next Quest Review

This cool board game lets you collect and battle with awesome Pokemon figures! We review it right here.... read more

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Just yesterday, actually.  Who's the hardest boss in Undertale? 
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