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NEO Shifters Split :: Shifter Toy Review

Get the scoop on the newest NEO Shifter set to join the battle between the Paladins and the Templars, Split :: Shifter.... read more

LEGO Racers Speed Racer & Snake Oiler Kit Review

Build Speed Racer and Snake Oiler's cars from the Speed Racer movie with this LEGO kit. Here’s our toy review.... read more

Play Foam Toy Review

We guarantee you have never played with something quite like Play Foam! We've got the 411 on these unique sculpting beads!... read more

Stikfas Toy Review

The Stikfas toys' slogan is "It's simply fun!" Are they telling the truth? Kidzworld does the review and finds out!... read more

Matchbox Mega Rig Blaze Brigade

New from Matchbox Toys comes the Mega Rig Blaze Brigade. Kidzworld checks out just how hot this toy is.... read more
Easter Eggs

3-D Easter Eggs Kit Review

Easter isn't complete unless you sit down to make some Easter eggs, so put your artistic skills to use by decorating these pastel-colored foam eggs!... read more

K'Nex 15th Anniversary :: New Tub and Case Sets

K'Nex is releasing some cool new tubs and sets to celebrate its 15th Anniversary. Kidzworld reviews the goods.... read more

LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle Kit Reviews (Pg. 2)

Join the EXO-FORCE pilots and battle Meca One’s robot warriors in the deep jungle! We review these new LEGO kits.... read more

LEGO EXO-FORCE: Deep Jungle Kit Reviews

Join the EXO-FORCE pilots and battle Meca One’s robot warriors in the deep jungle! We review these new LEGO kits.... read more

LEGO SpongeBob SquarePants: The Bikini Bottom Express Kit

Hop on the Bikini Bottom Express bus with SpongeBob SquarePants in this new LEGO kit. We review it here!... read more

LEGO BIONICLE Phantoka Kit Reviews

The fierce battles continue as the new Toa heroes battle the Brotherhood of Makuta! We review these new kits. ... read more

Capsela Toy Review

You can build cars, trucks, boats and more with Capsela – and bring them to life with motorized action! We review this cool const... read more

Magnetix iCoaster Review

It's part toy and part science project! The iCoaster is a magnetic rollercoaster kit with music! How cool is it? Here's ou... read more

LEGO Castle: Skeleton’s Prison Carriage Kit Review

Build the good knight and the evil skeletons with their carriage for an exciting battle! We review this LEGO Castle kit he... read more

Ancient Egypt: Mummies & More Kit Review

Wrap a bunch of mummies with this cool art kit, which you can use to decorate your house on Halloween night!... read more

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Skipper_ posted in Forum Games:
yup, i'm reading an article atm  TPBM is obsessed with R O B L O X
reply 23 minutes
Yeah. TPBM is reading something.
reply 26 minutes
Skipper_ posted in Forum Games:
nah tpbm likes potatoes
reply about 1 hour
No Tpbm is extremely nervous about something
reply about 1 hour

Girlz Connect Toys - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - it's on my Christmas wish list!
  • It's great for my younger sister.
  • Not - looks lame.
  • I haven't made up my mind yet.

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