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LEGO Mars Mission: MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambush Kit Review

Explore Mars, gather energy crystals and fend off aliens with this two-in-one LEGO Mars Mission kit! We review it.... read more

LEGO BIONICLE Toa Mahri Kit Reviews

The mighty Toa Inika have been transformed into Toa Mahri to battle the evil Barraki! We review the new LEGO kits h... read more

LEGO Creator: Monster Dino Kit Review

The LEGO Monster Dino kit is three-kits-in-one with remote- control motors and sound! Is it awesome? We review it!... read more

NEO-Shifters Toy Review

Get the scoop on MEGA Bloks new NEO Shifters transforming robot toys with our toy review! Check it out.... read more

LEGO Star Wars: General Grievous Starfighter Review

Here comes the four-lightsaber packing, wheezy bad guy from the Star Wars movie! We review his LEGO starfighter kit... read more

Build-A-Bear Workshop Toy Review

Sick of boring teddy bears? Make your own custom cuddly friend at the Build-A-Bear Workshop! Here’s how it works.... read more

MEGA Bloks: Pirates of the Caribbean Video Download

See the latest MEGA Bloks Pirates of the Caribbean toys come to life with this Toymation video download!... read more

MEGA Bloks: Spider-Man 3 Set Reviews

Fight crime and unleash super- powers with Spidey, Venom and more in the Spider-Man 3 MEGA Bloks sets. We review 'e... read more

MEGA Bloks Pirates of the Caribbean Kit Reviews

Sail with Jack Sparrow and battle the Kraken with the new Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End Mega Bloks toy kits!... read more

LEGO TECHNIC: Snowmobile Kit Review

Put your construction skills to the test and build a toy snowmobile or bulldozer with this LEGO TECHNIC kit!... read more

LEGO EXO-FORCE: Shadow Crawler Kit Review

Unleash a Devastator robot in a deadly Shadow Crawler mech with this LEGO EXO-FORCE kit! Here’s our toy review.... read more

Every Kid Needs Mod Podge

The French art of decoupage just got a lot easier thanks to this cool Mod Podge kit! Check out our review!... read more

Klutz Window Art

Klutz's Window Art kit has everything you need to make your own unique window art. We're checking out this colorful craft!... read more

Legendary Dragon & Dazzling Dolphin Toy Kit Review

Build, paint and decorate a powerful dragon or a cute dolphin with these toy puzzle kits. We review them here.... read more

The Mysteries of Rainbows Science Kit Review

Discover the mysteries of rainbows with this cool, hands-on science kit from The Magic School Bug series!... read more

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Girlz Connect Toys - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - it's on my Christmas wish list!
  • It's great for my younger sister.
  • Not - looks lame.
  • I haven't made up my mind yet.

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