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LEGO BIONICLE Barraki Toy Kit Review

Battle for the Mask of Life with the new LEGO BIONICLE Barraki – evil mutant creeps from the deep! Here's our review.... read more

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LEGO Exo-Force Kits: Grand Titan & Stealth Hunter Reviews

Build cool anime models and help humans battle against evil and ruthless robots with LEGO'S Exo-Force kits.... read more

K'Nex Vertical Vengeance Coaster

Put together a wild roller coaster that's taller than you are with the K'Nex Vertical Vengeance Coaster.... read more

PixelBlocks Building System

Let your imagination run wild and build stained glass models with the Pixel Blocks building system.... read more

2008 K'NEXpert Search

Build cool stuff, win a ton of cash. Find out all the details on the 2008 K'NEXpert Search right here!... read more

SpongeBob LEGO Playsets

Build the wacky world of Bikini Bottom or create the Krusty Krab with SpongeBob LEGO playsets.... read more

LEGO Mindstorms NXT

It walks, it talks, it rolls! But, can you conquer the world with the incredible LEGO Mindstorms NXT robot building... read more

LEGO Avatar Kits: Air Temple and Fire Nation Ship

Take the anime adventures of Aang, the last Airbender home with these new Avatar LEGO kits! We review them right here.... read more

Zoobs Car Designer Kit

Build cruiser cars, trucks, airplanes, lunar rovers and other models with the ZoobMobile Car Designer Kit.... read more

Uberstix Building Tools

Create planes, boats, buildings and more with Uberstix - the coolest integrated building system in the world.... read more

Klutz's Pirate Ship Building Cards

Rule the waves, find treasure and sail the seven seas. Build your own pirate ship or fortess with Klutz building cards.... read more

Building Fun With Play-Doh

The world's most famous modelling compound is turning 50. Get creative by playing with and smelling like Play-Doh.... read more

Cast & Paint T-Rex Kit Review

Make your own skeleton model of a fierce Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur and get the facts on paleontology with this new Skulldugge... read more

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Banned for having @ in your username
reply 9 minutes
genius@23 posted in Forum Games:
Banned for joining in May.
reply about 2 hours
Ello everyone! Has anyone heard of the game Animal Jam? In it you can ✮Trade ✮Gift ✮Create masterpieces and then make them a den item! ✮Decorate your den {House}! ✮Get new animals and dress them up! ✮Get pets ✮Roleplay  ✮Chat with friends ✮Learn from scientists like Brady Barr in his lab! ✮Go on adventures and level up! ✮Collect items you are not able to buy in stores! ✮Collect Rares! The game is free, and you start off as a non member. To get membership, you must visit the website for Animal Jam. Though, it does cost. These are what members can do: ✮Use moving emotes! ✮Have access to the latest animals! ✮Access to more den items and clothing! ✮Have more than 2 animals! ✮Access to more awesome dens! ✮And more!
reply about 3 hours
I do!
reply about 4 hours

Girlz Connect Toys - Hot or Not?

  • Hot - it's on my Christmas wish list!
  • It's great for my younger sister.
  • Not - looks lame.
  • I haven't made up my mind yet.

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