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Tyco Shell Shocker

Attack, explore and defend! Transform from cyberball to cyberbeast with the Tyco remote-controlled Shell Shocker.... read more

Star Wars Miniatures: Starship Battles Game Review

Command Star Wars star ships, from Jedi Star fighters to massive Star Destroyers, in this new game! We review it here.... read more

Hot Wheels Terrordactyl Track Set Review

Race to blast a flying terrodactyl out of the sky and avoid erupting volcanoes with the Hotwheels Terrordactyl track set.... read more

Star Wars Electronic Lightsaber Review

Feel the Force with these new Jedi and Sith pop-up lightsabers that glow and hum like the real thing! We review them.... read more

D&D Miniatures: Icons - Huge Black and Red Dragon Reviews

Two massive dragons have arrived for the D&D Miniatures game of fantasy battles! We review them both here.... read more

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Speeder Review

Race through the streets or take to the sky with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Shell Speeder! We review it.... read more

Nitro XRC Vehicles

Start your engines! Get ready for the power and speed of NITRO XRC - a new line of radio controlled vehicles powered by nitro fuel.... read more

Star Wars Miniatures: Bounty Hunters Set Review

The Star Wars Minis: Bounty Hunters set is packed with mercenary scum and huge creatures. We review it!... read more

Verticon Air Battle Arena

Arm your clan of warriors and send them into a mid-air combat battle with the Verticon Air Battle Arena.... read more

D&D Miniatures: War of the Dragon Queen Set Review

It's dragons galore as the queen of the evil dragons battles the king of the good dragons in this set and we review it!... read more

Wild Planet A Pirate's Life

Prepare to set sail and discover new pirate treasures with A Pirate's Life toys and games from Wild Planet.... read more

Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Flying Dutchman Playset

Create your own swashbuckling adventures with Pirates of the Caribbean action figures and playsets.... read more

Ultimate Powers Superman Action Figure

Superman has returned with a new movie and new toys, including cool new action figures.... read more

R/C Flying Superman Figure

Launch The Man of Steel high in the air and control his journey with a radio-controlled Flying Superman Figure. Check out reviews of Superman Returns ... read more

D&D Miniatures: War Drums Expansion Set Review

Orcs, elves, dwarves and dragons battle with you in command! We review the new D&D Miniatures set here.... read more

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