Easy Bake Oven Review

May 09, 2008

The Easy Bake Oven has been around since 1963 and is still churning out tasty treats 45 years later! We're reviewing this classic toy!

Care Bears Collectibles Review

May 06, 2008

Following hot on the heels of the 25th Anniversary Care Bears are the new cute and cuddly Collectibles, which have the classic look of the '80s!

Green Toys Indoor Gardening Kit Review

Apr 25, 2008

Get going and growing with this nine-piece gardening kit that's made out of recycled plastic milk containers that you toss into your recycling bin!

Xeko Eco-Pals Toy Review

Apr 22, 2008

Being environmentally friendly is child's play with Eco-Pals. Kidzworld puts this cuddly guy to the test.

Sok-O Dolls Review

Apr 04, 2008

What starts out as a pair of socks is transformed into a super cute doll called the Sok-O! Check out Kidzworld's review of these 100% handmade plush dolls.

Bratz Toys Review

Mar 20, 2008

Bratz has released its new spring '08 collection, which includes some of the coolest toys to hit store shelves this season! Check out Kidzworld's review of the new Bratz dolls right here.

My Little Pony Sing and Dance Pinkie Pie Review

Mar 10, 2008

My Little Pony is celebrating its 25th anniversary with a giant pony named Pinkie Pie who loves to sing and dance!

Spotz Maker Review

Feb 27, 2008

You'll be seein' spots when you get your hands on the Spotz Maker! Kidzworld checks out this fun new toy, along with the Spotz Accessory Pack and Messenger Bag.

Hot Hugs Dolls Review

Feb 05, 2008

Get cozy with Hot Hugs this winter! They're infused with lavender and chamomile, and can be heated up to keep you warm as you sleep!

Fashion Angels Kits Review

Jan 22, 2008

Design your own fashion line, learn how to knit, and paint and decorate your nails with peel-off enamel! Get the review on these heavenly products!

Care Bears Dolls Review

Jan 02, 2008

In honor of its 25th Anniversary, Care Bears have a whole new look! Check out Kidzworld's review of these cute and cuddly bears.

Pixel Chix Toys Review

Dec 12, 2007

Pixel, everyone's favorite 2-D girl, is livin' it up in her 3-D world! From Babysitter to Roomies House, we've got the review of the latest Pixel Chix toys.

Fabulous Foam Thanksgiving Frames :: Review

Nov 16, 2007

Unleash your creativity this Thanksgiving by making personalized picture frames that express your gratitude!

Top Model Barbie Review

Nov 01, 2007

America's Next Top Model had better watch out for Top Model Barbie - she's hitting the runway to model all the latest fashions!

Girlz Connect Toys Review

Oct 18, 2007

Bandai has released some cool tech toys just for girls! Check out Kidzworld's review to get the goods on Girlz Connect gadgets!

Hop Balls Review

Sep 24, 2007

Looking for a new way to get your fitness on? Grab a Hop Ball and start bouncing around for some hip-hoppin' action!

B'Chic Products Review

Sep 13, 2007

B'Chic has a ton of fun girly products to get you looking and feeling your fashionable best! KW checks out a few - get the review right here.

Shining Stars Dolls Review

Aug 27, 2007

Wish upon a star - but not just any star. Get yourself a Shining Stars plush doll and you can wish upon your very own star every night!

Only Hearts Club Dolls Review

Aug 14, 2007

The Only Hearts Club would rather do the right thing instead of worry about wearing the right thing. Check 'em out - they look and dress like real girls!

Bratz: The Movie Dolls Review

Jul 26, 2007

Bratz are no longer just a bunch of girls with a passion for fashion. With their movie about to be released, they've turned into movie star dolls!

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