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I loved playing the original one, 64, Assault and I somewhat liked Command (with exception of the endings!). But I dislike Zero a lot. Why? I don't think " restarting" the series will solve the current problems, but could worsen them. I don't know if you know this, but Fox had a wife and a son in Command, and people that are Fox and Krystal fans expected a game with them and Marcus, not something like Zero. Slippy was also beginning to get his chance to speak up, ROB was being more "active" and showed more feelings towards the characters, especially Fox and Lucy Hare; and wasn't just a robot that simply "helps you along the way". I am honestly hoping for a game just for her since they took Krystal out of the series. For now, I am going to wait for better games for the NX; I am just happy with my Wii after this happened to the series.
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Winter56 posted in Forum Games:
kitty cats
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