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November 2016's Free PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold

Oct 28, 2015

By: Max Cannon

Every month Sony and Microsoft release a slew of "free" games on their respective platforms if you are already paying for an online subscription for either company. You don't need the newest console to take part either as both PlayStation Plus and Xbox's Games With Gold offer games on both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 (and even PlayStation Vita.)

The New Games of PlayStation Plus

Starting Tuesday, November 1st you can get these upcoming games for free if you have a PlayStation Plus subscription.

  • Everybody's Gone To The Rapture (PlayStation 4)
  • The Deadly Tower of Monsters (PlayStation 4)
  • Dirt 3 (PlayStation 3)
  • Costume Quest 2 (PlayStation 3)
  • Letter Quest Remastered (PlayStation Vita - Crossbuy with PlayStation 4)
  • Pumped BMX+ (PlayStation Vita - Crossbuy With PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3)

The two new games coming to PlayStation Plus for PS4 in November 2016.The two new games coming to PlayStation Plus for PS4 in November 2016.Courtesy of PlayStation

Not too bad this month. Everybody's Gone To The Rapture falls in the "walking simulator" style of games and has the player exploring an empty town to find out what had happened to the missing residents. The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a charming top down, dungeon crawler type game in a sci-fi setting, what a mouthful that genre is. Though Everybody's Gone to The Rapture has more mixed reviews than The Deadly Tower of Monsters both games are decent entries in November's PlayStation 4  games catalog. 

Dirt 3 is an off-road racer that hits the PlayStation 3 catalog, it came out toward the end of the last generation of consoles so many players overlooked this game - not a bad entry. Costume Quest 2 is developed by Tim Schafer, one of the most beloved adventure game developers of all time. If you like quirky writing and an interesting world I would really suggest downloading the game. These ones are both PlayStation 3 exclusive, no crossbuy to be found here.

Letter Quest Remastered is a simple word puzzler game that'll be free on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You're not missing too much by skipping out on this game but the Vita's counterpart seems much more interesting. Pumped BMX+ is a sidescrolling BMX game with an emphasis on tricks, a fun arcadey game to pass the time.

The New Games of Xbox's Games With Gold

Starting also on Tuesday, November 1st you can look forward to the first wave of games on Xbox One and Xbox 360, if you have a Gold subscription on Xbox.

  • Super Dungeon Bros. (Xbox One)
  • Monkey Island: Special Edition (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible on Xbox One)

The second wave of games begins on Wednesday, November 16th.

  • Murdered: Soul Suspect (Xbox One)
  • Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (Xbox 360 & Backwards Compatible on Xbox One)

Super Dungeon Bros is the Xbox One's dungeon crawler/Castle Crashers mash up. The game launches on the same day, so it'll be awhile before we see any reviews. Monkey Island is also a rerelease of another classic Tim Schafer game. One of the original point and click games, if you care about the history of adventure games you owe it on yourself to play it.

Murdered: Soul Suspect is a pretty run-of-the-mill third person adventure games, it had mixed reviews on it's release a couple of years ago. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon is a spinoff of Far Cry 3 but set in an 80's themed world. 

Xbox's free games coming to November's Games With Gold.Xbox's free games coming to November's Games With Gold.Courtesy of Xbox

My Winner This Month:

For the first time I think it's a tie. Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon and Monkey Island are both awesome games, but so are is Costume Quest 2 - and if it interests you - Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. You'd be lucky to have both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold and I'm excited for both.

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