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Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 :: DS Game Cheats

The Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 game lets you duel, duel and duel some more! There are hundreds of cards, dozens of opponents, puzzles, online play and more. But if you want to prove your skills by beating all the yugioh duelists you need to unlock them first! The good news is that Cheat Street has the info you need to unlock them all. Check it out and don't forget to come back for all the game cheats, codes, secrets, hints, tips and walkthroughs to help you beat your fave games!

Unlockable Duelists

Here's a list of all the duelists you can unlock and how to do it. Make sure you're in World Mode then complete these quests and you'll be all set.


Unlockable Duelist
How to Unlock Them
Adrian Gecko Disk
Beat the Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden One seal.
Alchemy Duel Disk
Beat Jaden Yuki 10 times.
Alexis Rhodes - CPU Duel
Complete all five of Guardian Savan's tests in World 2.
Amazoness Card Set
Beat Amazoness Paladin using all Structure Decks.
Amazoness Duel Disk
Beat Amazoness Paladin using all Structure Decks.
Aquarian Alessa - CPU Duel
Beat Maiden of the Aqua underwater in World 2 five times.
Atticus Rhodes in "CPU Duel"
Complete the Neo-Daedalus challenge in World 2.
Bastion Misawa
Beat Amazoness Paladin with all 13 Structure Decks.
Chrysalis Dolphin - CPU Duel
Beat Abyss Soldier underwater in World 2 five times.
Curse Of Darkness in World Championship Mode
Talk to Gigobyte then Beat Curse of Darkness in World 1.
Curse of Vampire
Beat Curse of Vampire in World of Grace.
D.D. Warrior Lady in "CPU Duel"
Beat Warrior Lady of the Wasteland, in World 2, five times.
Dark Scorpion-Meanae the Thorn - CPU Duel
Beat Don Zaloog in the pyramid in World 2 five times.
E- Hero Lady Heat
Beat E-Hero Knospe five times.
Gear Golem the Moving Fortress - CPU Duel
Beat Stronghold the Moving Fortress in World 3 five times.
Gorgeous Duel Disk
Beat Jesse Anderson 10 times.
Gravekeeper's Chief - CPU Duel
Beat Gravekeeper's Commandant in the pyramid in World 2 five times.
Hino Kagu-Tsuchi - CPU Duel
Beat Dark Dust Spirit in the pyramid in World 2 five times.
Il Blud in "CPU Duel"
Beat Blazewing Butterfly five times.
Kaibaman Duel Disk
Beat Seto Kaiba 10 times.
Kaiser Sea Horse - CPU Duel
Beat Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness underwater in World 2 five times.
King of the Skull Servants
Beat Skull Servant five times.
Luster Dragon #2
Beat Luster Dragon in the Civilization World five times.
Marcel Bonaparte in "CPU Duel"
Complete the Exxod challenge in World 2.
Marie the Fallen One
Beat Absorbing Kid from the Sky in World 5, five times.
Maximillion Pegasus in World Championship Mode
Beat all 5 Guardian Sphinx challenges in World 2.
Maximillon Pegasus
Clear all 5 of Guardian Sphinx's Duel Puzzles.
Ojama Yellow and Blowback Dragon
Beat Blowback Dragon in World of Civilization.
Beat Otohime in Underwater (World of Sunlight).
Reaper on the Nightmare in "CPU Duel"
Beat Nightmare Penguin, in World 1, five times.
Sabersaurus in "CPU Duel"
Beat Kabazauls, in World 2, five times.
Sand Moth
Beat Sand Moth in World of Sunlight.
Slipheed in "CPU Duel"
Beat Storm Shooter, in world 1, five times.
Spirit of the Pharaoh
Beat Spirit of the Pharaon in the Pyramid (World of Sunlight).
Syrus Truesdale in World Championship Mode
Beat all five Guardian - Embust challenges in world 1.
Tag Duels
Beat the first 3 worlds.
The Unhappy Maiden - CPU Duel
Give "The Unhappy Maiden" five Life Point restoring cards in World 3.
Tournament Mode
Unlock all duelists in World Championship mode to gain access of the Tournament Mode.
Unlock Sand Moth - CPU Duel mode
Help out Pyramid Turtle on the World 2 map, then Beat Sand Moth in a duel.
Water Dragon
Beat Kairyu-shin five times.
Woodborg Inpachi
Beat all three Inpachis in World of Civilization.
Yellow Duel Disk
Beat all World 1 opponents 2 times.
Yellow Uniform
Beat the first four duelists in Free Tag Duel.


That's it for Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008 video game cheats and walkthroughs this week. Come back next week for even more game cheats! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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