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Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA Game Cheats: Tips and Secrets

The Final Fantasy IV Advance video game is here for the Nintendo GBA! It's a remake of the Final Fantasy II game for the old Super Nintendo and it's one of the best fantasy role-playing games ever created. To help you kick butt and unlock all the secrets, we've got some game cheats for you from Cheat Street. These ones will help you unlock dungeons, beat bosses and even meet the game designers!

Bonus Dungeons in Final Fantasy IV Advance

There are two bonus dungeons you can unlock in Final Fantasy IV Advance. Here they are!
  • The Cave of Trials This is an eight-level deep dungeon that's located at Mt. Ordeals. To enter it, you have to unlock Party Switching then go to Mysidia. Once you've done that, you can go back to Mt. Ordeals and the dungeon will be unlocked.
  • The 50 Level Dungeon This huge dungeon appears on the moon at the end of the game! You have to finish the game, then fly around on the moon until you find a boulder with a face. What's really cool is that each level in this dungeon is random and the monsters are always strong enough to be a challenge, so it adds a whole pile of monster-stomping fun to the end of the game!
  • Cave of Trials Boss Walkthroughs

    On the eighth floor of the Cave of Trials there are five super-powerful items guarded by five super-powerful bosses.
  • Storm Dragon - 40,000HP - Yang's Weapon - This boss is fairly easy, just keep your HP up, hit him with everything you've got and watch out for his Maelstrom attack!
  • Master Flan - 35,000HP - Palom's Weapon - This boss' attacks aren't that strong, but he has four allies and usually casts Reflect on himself so spells bounce off of him. Hit him with area spells to destroy his allies as you hurt him, but don't wipe them all out or he'll re-summon all four! To get past his Reflect, cast Reflect on one of your characters and cast attack spells on them, they'll bounce off the Reflect and hit Master Flan.
  • T-Rex - 60,000HP - Porom's Weapon - Dino alert! His strongest attack is Earthquake, so if you cast Float on your characters it won't hurt you. His only other attack is a 1,000-damage chomp, so keep healing people and thumping him 'til he goes down.
  • Death Mech - 50,000HP - Cid's Weapon - Robot-smashin' time! He has a so-so regular attack, plus Globe 99 and a laser blast that can KO one of your characters. Use the Blink spell to defend your characters and he's not that hard.
  • Gigas Worm - 55,000HP - Edward's Weapon - This is the toughest fight of all! His regular attack does about 1,500 damage (ouch!) Whenever you hit him, he attacks you back, even if you use magic. When you fight him, only use your strongest attacks and make sure you heal lots and have tons of Phoenix Downs!
  • Meet the Final Fantasy IV Advance Game Creators!

    This is more of a goofy cheat than a power-up, but it's cool. Go to the Underworld and beat Golbez in the crystal room so you can get into the armory. In the weapons and armor room, behind the pillar between the two desks, is a secret path that takes you through the Lali Ho pub. In there, go right and find the dark spot on the ground. Walk into the wall there, along a path and down some stairs. You'll end up in a room with all the game designers who created the game!

    That's it for Final Fantasy IV Advance GBA video game cheats and walkthroughs this week, but stick around and see what cheats Gary can come up with for next week. He'll get the 411 on all the coolest game codes! Don't forget, if you get stuck and need a game cheat code, and let him know!

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